Derek Jeter’s Injury Is A Positive For The New York Yankees

Get well soon Derek

Derek Jeter‘s injury-plagued season has been exhausting for his team, his fans and the player himself. The season can almost be summed up as a repeating cycle of optimistic reports followed by news of setbacks. However, things went sour pretty fast […]

New York Yankees Relief Pitcher Shawn Kelley On Torrid Pace

Shawn Kelley delivers a pitch

When the New York Yankees traded minor league outfielder Abraham Almonte to the Seattle Mariners for right-hander Shawn Kelley on February 13th nobody really noticed the move. Which is understandable because Kelley had never really done anything to stand out and was seen as a […]

Is David Price the New York Yankees’ Future Ace?

David Price delivers a pitch

The New York Yankees haven’t spent big long-term money on a free agent since 2010 when they reeled in Rafael Soriano for three years and $35 million. Recently, it seems that those big spending days are only a thing of the past, as the […]

New York Yankees: David Phelps Needs to Take Advantage Tonight

David Phelps delivers a pitch

New York Yankees‘ right-handed pitcher David Phelps was given a golden opportunity about two weeks ago when fellow hurler Ivan Nova went down with a triceps injury that landed him on the disabled list. Phelps has been given his window to take […]

Why Curtis Granderson’s Return Is Key for New York Yankees

Curtis Granderson giving a thumbs up

So far this season, the New York Yankees have been bit by the injury bug countless times, and outfielder Curtis Granderson was one of the very first players to go down. However, Granderson is currently beginning to close in on […]

New York Yankees: Is This Robinson Cano’s Year?

Robinson Cano hits a HR against the Astros

Since he began manning second base for the New York Yankees, Robinson Cano has routinely improved his production for the team year in and year out. This has seen him progress from a rookie with upside at the plate, to a consistent high-average hitter, to […]

What New York Yankees Can Expect From Preston Claiborne

Preston Claiborne delivers a pitch

The New York Yankees‘ roster has been ravaged by injuries so far this season and Joba Chamberlain joined the long list of wounded Bombers when he was placed on the 15-day DL on May 2nd. The Yankees called up 25 year-old right-hander Preston Claiborne to […]

New York Yankees’ X-Factor May Be Ronnier Mustelier

Ronnier Mustelier trots around the bases after a HR

The New York Yankees have had a lot of big surprises so far this season, but the guy that may end up being the biggest surprise of the year, may still be yet to come. That guy is Ronnier Mustelier. If you didn’t […]

Michael Pineda Nearing His Debut for New York Yankees

Michael Pineda delivers a pitch

During the 2011-2012 offseason, the New York Yankees made a big splash when they traded their top prospect Jesus Montero along with right-handed pitcher Hector Noesi to the Seattle Mariners for promising young starter Michael Pineda and hard-throwing righty Jose Campos. […]

Can Eduardo Nunez Really Be the Next New York Yankees’ Shortstop?

Eduardo Nunez gets congradualted by Derek Jeter

This season, the New York Yankees have been put in a short-term situation that will ultimately be a reality: that is, replacing Derek Jeter at shortstop. Over the past 17 years, the Yankees have not had to really worry about who will play shortstop […]

Should New York Yankees’ Curtis Granderson Change His Approach at the Plate?

Curtis Granderson hits a HR in the 2012 ALDS

New York Yankees‘ outfielder Curtis Granderson is currently working his way back from a broken forearm he sustained in spring training and recent reports say that he is very close to returning. Granderson is being seen as a guy that will be a […]

Do New York Yankees’ Pinstripes Revitalize Careers?

Vernon Wells, Brett Gardner and Ichiro Suzuki after a win

Over the past few seasons, the New York Yankees have gambled on a large number of veteran players who, by all accounts, were over the hill or passed their primes. The funny thing is, a good amount of these have […]