Hey Hey, What A Difference A Series Makes

So, apparently the Cardinals listened to my last blog. On Wednesday, they gave Ryan Franklin his release thank God. I know we’re all surprised it didn’t happen earlier. Even Franklin himself called the decision a “relief.” Be that as it […]

Is There A Way For St. Louis To Stop The Bleeding?

Gm John Mozeliak and manager Tony LaRussa must be feeling desperate. They need to turn their ship known as the St. Louis Cardinals around and they need to do it now. The question is, with a string of injuries and […]

Pujols To Miss 4-6 Weeks

After earlier reports were positive, many reporters and fans started to calm down on the prospect that Albert Pujols was significantly injured. Turns out we were all wrong. A second test ran on Albert’s wrist today revealed a fracture in […]

Update: Pujols Injured, Leaves Game

As far as this season goes, I’d usually say another player in a Cardinals uniform injured is just a regular day. This time, however, is different. This time the injured Redbird is Albert Pujols, the best player in baseball. After […]

Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen

I’m just going to go ahead and say it…the Cardinals look pathetic and have been depressing to watch for the past week. A week ago they had the best record in baseball. Now they have more players on the DL […]

Bad Weekend for the Cards Gets People Talking Trade

Well, after watching all three games against the Milwaukee Brewers this weekend, I’ve come to the following two realizations: 1. The Redbirds need their 80 million injured players (that’s right, 80 million) to get healthy now. The last two games […]

Three Things I Dislike About the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals (Part II of II)

Well, now that the long list of injuries was taken care of in my previous blog, I can get to the other two things I don’t like about the 2011 Cards season so far. The first was obviously the ridiculous […]

Three Things I Dislike About the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals (Part I of II)

In my last blog I wrote about what I like about the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals. And, there’s definitely more to like than dislike. With that being said, this first part of dislikes took so long that I have to […]

Three Things I Like About the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals

1. The return of Lance Berkman: Berkman is having a comeback year so far and if he continues the way he’s playing he’ll definitely be a strong contender for the Comeback Player of the Year Award handed out by the […]

Albert, Albert, Albert…

OK, so… I’m short on time and, basically, there’s only one thing to say: Albert Pujols looks like Albert Pujols. And that’s why…he was named NL Player of the Week. Want to read more about Albert? Check out THIS interesting […]

Break Out The Broomsticks

I experienced deja vu about an hour ago and if you watched the last two Cardinal-Cub games, so did you. For the second straight game Albert Pujols hit a walk off homerun to win the game in extra innings. Pujols, […]

Cubs-Cards Day Two

Jamie Garcia did in fact redeem himself last night after pitching eight solid innings with one earned run. Today it will be Randy Wells vs. Kyle Lohse. Lohse has been red-hot and Wells, like Dempster, has not. But we will […]