Let the Rivalry Continue

Hey hey, it’s that time again. Starting tonight the St. Louis Cardinals start a three game series with longtime rival Chicago Cubs. The show starts at 7:15 CT with Jamie Garcia, looking to redeem himself after getting shelled last week, […]

Redbirds Having Terrible Week

Coming to you from McLean, Virginia and from what I understand it’s been a rough couple of days for the Redbirds (My MLB subscription starts tomorrow). I’m not sure what I say tonight besides everything just seems like it’s more […]

Cards Lose and I’m On The Road…

Coming to you from a hotel Cambridge, Ohio as I make my way east to Virginia, I found out for the first time about an hour ago that the Cardinals lost today 7-3. The bad news: Two starters in three […]

Rockies Roll Over Redbirds by Rocking Garcia

Wow. Every pitcher gets torn up at some point, but, wow, usually not this bad. This blog isn’t going to be long, in fact it’s going to about as short as Jamie Garcia’s start tonight (3.1 IP). Coming into the […]

Cards Preview, Tidbits and More Disabled List Talk

Hoping to pitch like a man on a mission for the third straight game, Jake Westbrook will be taking on Rockies Ace Ubaldo Jimenez at Coors Field at 7:40 CT. As far as the pitching match up is concerned, I […]

Carpenter Loses Another One

Every year, on every team, there just seems to be that one starter who doesn’t get any run support. It doesn’t seem to be just a few weeks, or a couple months either…nope, it’s the whole year. This year for […]

Birds Beginning To Come Together

After last night’s win against the Kansas City Royals, the St. Louis Cardinals reach a season-high nine games above .500 with a record of 29-20. They are in first place and have a bit (just a bit) of breathing room […]

A Little List Of My Personal Top Ten Favorite Cardinals (Part II of II)

First, before we get started, I want to pay tribute to the late great Macho Man Randy Savage by sharing a fun fact. According to an exceptionally well-written “Sports Illustrated” article, Savage’s first dream was to be a catcher for […]

A Little List Of My Personal Top Ten Favorite Cardinals (Part I of II)

As most of the fans reading this probably know by now, St. Louis pulled off a victory yesterday with a fantastic pitching performance by Jake Westbrook and a niiiccee two-run shot by Matt Holliday. Been a while since we’ve seen […]

Yeah, The Cardinals Should Win Emmy’s This Year (Part II of II)

Well, last night’s episode was extremely boring and uneventful as Chris Carpenter lost a 3-0 game devoid of anything entertaining. But every show has a sub-par episode from time to time and there’s still plenty of episodes left. And plenty […]

Yeah, The Cardinals Should Win Emmy’s This Year (Part I of II)

‘Emmys,’ you say? ‘He must mean Espy’s.’ Nope, I mean Emmys. The season thus far for the St. Louis Cardinals has been an emotional roller coaster. I realized last night, while watching TLR speak during the post game show on […]

New York Mets Complete Biggest Comeback Win of Season

The New York Mets came from four runs down in the seventh, and pulled out their biggest comeback of the season with a 6-4 victory on Friday night against the Astros. The Mets utilized three late homeruns to overtake the […]