New York Yankees Need to Reshuffle Following Mariano Rivera Injury

Mariano Rivera

As you have undoubtedly heard by now, the New York Yankees got bit, once again, by the ravenous injury bug that has also wreaked havoc on the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox this season.  Generally, the loss of […]

Toronto Blue Jays: Is Edwin Encarnacion’s Breakout For Real?

Edwin Encarnacion

Led by “Joey Bats” (that would be Jose Bautista to those of us in the Unite States), the Toronto Blue Jays have boasted a dangerous lineup over the past few seasons.  A top ten offense the past three seasons (No. […]

New York Yankees Lose Michael Pineda for Season With Shoulder Injury

Michael Pineda

The New York Yankees entered Spring Training without their top offensive prospect, but they were stocked with a deep and talented rotation.  The trade that sent away fan favorite Jesus Montero created a split among New York Yankees fans, but even the […]

New York Yankees Prospects Point to Bright Future

Manny Banuelos

The minor league season has been underway for close to two weeks and it is time to start devoting some attention to the guys that could make an impact on the New York Yankees over the next few seasons.  Whether […]

New York Mets and David Wright Dealing With Tough Break

David Wright 3

By now you are probably aware of the full cycle of news regarding David Wright‘s fractured pinkie.  Apparently the New York Mets might not be without their third baseman for very long because David Wright has been told he can […]

New York Yankees Fans Don’t Need to Sweat Slow Start

New York Yankees

This is certainly not the way New York Yankees fans envisioned the season starting.  The Tampa Bay Rays are a good squad so it was never out of the question that a game could be dropped in the season opening […]

New York Yankees: Who Is The Bombers’ Next $200 Million Man?

Robinson Cano

The $225 million deal that the Cincinnati Reds handed out to Joey Votto got me thinking about the New York Yankees and some of their monster contracts.  The New York Yankees  have obviously handed out numerous scale tipping deals, but only one […]

New York Mets Make Nice Call By Locking Up LHP Jonathon Niese

Jonathon Niese 3

The 2011-2012 offseason was pretty damn quiet for the New York Mets.  Aside from a small trade and the signing of a couple of mediocre relief pitchers, there was really nothing in terms of player movement for the New York […]

Kansas City Royals Would Be Wise to Lock Up Eric Hosmer

Eric Hosmer

The monster deal that the Cincinnati Reds signed star first baseman Joey Votto to this week had the baseball world buzzing – mostly negatively.  The deal goes through his age-39 season and is back loaded so I can understand where the naysayers […]

New York Yankees Opening Day Starting Rotation Still Strong

CC Sabathia 2

By going down with a sore shoulder, Michael Pineda made what was shaping up to be an interesting decision for the New York Yankees into an easy one.  Most of the rotation was already set even though it wasn’t “official”, […]

New York Yankees Fans Should Pause the Michael Pineda Panic

Michael Pineda

One of the buzziest stories from New York Yankees camp this spring was the diminished velocity of Michael Pineda.  Accustomed to seeing the radar guns flashing readings in the high-90′s (or at least reading about them), New York Yankees fans […]

New York Yankees Worth Four Billion Dollars?

Hal Steinbrenner

By now you should be well aware that the Los Angeles Dodgers were bought for $2.15 billion earlier in the week.  Opinions are mixed about the deal.  Personally, I’m not terribly surprised.  I’m more surprised that Frank McCourt walks away from […]