2B Rickie Weeks Has To Come Up Big For The Milwaukee Brewers To Contend

Rickie Weeks Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers’ offseason has been dominated first by wondering where first baseman Prince Fielder would end up and how the team would replace him, and then moved to wondering if left fielder Ryan Braun would be suspended for steroid […]

Philadelphia Phillies Up The Wrong Creek At 2B Without Chase Utley

Chase Utley Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies have been as well-situated at second base as any team in baseball, going back several years with Chase Utley. Now, with Utley’s body showing continual signs of wear-and-tear, and the announcement by Phillies GM Ruben Amaro that […]

Boston Red Sox Need To Go Young At SS And Start Jose Iglesias

Jose Iglesias Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox have serious problems at shortstop. This is nothing new, as the team hasn’t had a consistent player at the position since Nomar Garciaparra ruled the hearts of New England from 1997 up to the trade in […]

Baseball Site Denies Brewer LF Ryan Braun’s MVP: Why It’s A Mistake

Ryan Braun Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers leftfielder Ryan Braun may have had his 50-game suspension for steroid use lifted after an arbitration panel ruled that protocol had been violated in handling his urine sample. Reasonable people  will differ on whether Braun was truly innocent […]

Placido Polanco Won’t Cut It As Philadelphia Phillies 3B

Placido Polanco Phillies third base

The Philadelphia Phillies see their window of opportunity at a second World Series title with this current core group of players closing fast, and if they look in their rearview mirror, they see talented teams ready to make a push […]

Milwaukee Brewers Pick The Right Year To Transition At 1B In NL Central

Mat Gamel Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers are starting anew at first base, in the wake of seeing Prince Fielder head off to Detroit for a nine-year $214 million deal. The Brewers were fully prepared to lose Fielder, so the psychological blow to the […]

Boston Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia Shines Amongst Competive AL East Rivals

Dustin Pedroia Red Sox second base

If any player deserves the title of “Heart & Soul Of The Boston Red Sox” it is second baseman Dustin Pedroia. You can go back to the beginning of last season, when the Red Sox had started 0-6, and played […]

Philadelphia C Carlos Ruiz Vital To His Team’s Continued Success

Carlos Ruiz Philadelphia Phillies catcher

At age 33, Carlos Ruiz has slowly evolved into a steady rock as the Philadelphia Phillies catcher. He’s good behind the plate, and he’s become consistent with the bat. Over the past three seasons Ruiz has put up solid on-base […]

Milwaukee Brewers Need C Jonathan Lucroy To Step Up In 2012

Jonathan Lucroy Milwaukee Brewers catcher

After years of terrible offensive play at catcher from Jason Kendall, the Milwaukee Brewers finally saw signs of life with 25-year-old Jonathan Lucroy during 2011’s NL Central Division title run. While it  would be a stretch to say the Ted […]

The Success Of Red Sox C Jarrod Saltalamacchia Is Vital To 2012 Season

Jarrod Saltalamacchia Red Sox catcher

Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek may have retired this offseason, but this franchise has been preparing for his eventual departure for a few years now, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia was given the job last year. As part of our spring […]

Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz Still The Class Of The AL East

David Ortiz

We’re less than a month from Opening Day in major league baseball and the Boston Red Sox open up in Detroit on April 5. As part of a spring training effort to get ready, we’ll review the Red Sox roster […]