Moneyball the Review

Just walked out of Moneyball a few minutes ago and couldn’t wait to give my review. I was pretty skeptical about seeing this at all and then I almost walked out during the opening credits. For those of you who […]

Bob Melvin’s Three Year Deal

The decision was made and A’s manager Bob Melvin was given that extension we were all curious to see if he would get. My personal opinion is that the deal was a smart one. Melvin did a good job since […]

Moneyball Might not be Money for A’s Fans

I am writing this while being torn on whether to see the new A’s movie based on the A’s GM Billy Beane. Recently I heard during an interview that the ending of the movie has been Hollywooded up. That the […]

The Oakland A’s are Only two Players Away From Being a Playoff Team

Believe it or not I think the A’s are just that close to becoming a legit playoff contender. I know what you are thinking, “Two guys don’t make a twenty game difference”. Strangely enough I honestly think they do. Well […]

Three Big Questions for the Oakland A’s Owners This Coming Offseason

With the 2011 season just about at it’s finale the owners of the Oakland A’s are going to have some soul searching to do and have three very big questions to answer. Number 1. Do the A’s go young or […]

Oakland A’s Losing Fans

Yahoo Sports recently put out an article listing the 12 major league teams who are losing the most fans. The Oakland A’s were number 5. I was actually surprised to see that the Pirates, Mariners, Orioles and Indians were doing […]

Is Jemile Weeks Rookie of the Year?

Since being called up from the minors earlier this season Jemile Weeks has been a stud but is he good enough to be called rookie of the year? The answer is…….no. Boooooo! Right I agree but there are several super […]

Brandon Allen Struggling Mightily

When Brandon Allen came to the A’s last month he stepped in and crushed everything in his path. Unfortunately Allen has been almost invisible over the last few weeks or at least his bat has been. He hasn’t been able […]

The Oakland A’s can Still Spoil it for Everyone

Clearly the A’s have had a disappointing season. Their season is all but over at this point. So what can the A’s look forward to? Ruing the season for someone else in the West. Right now the Rangers and Angles […]

Michael Taylor Should be Playing Everyday

Billy Beane and Bob Melvin are making me nervous. A few days ago the A’s called up a few of the Rivercats to the bigs. Since the call-ups all they have done is get well acquainted with the bench. I […]

Chris Carter Showing up Billy Beane

I think most of us A’s fans were a little surprised when Billy Beane didn’t use one of his call ups for Chris Carter. Carter hasn’t had the best season in the minors and the A’s are full of DH […]

Conor Jackson Traded to the Red Sox

Yesterday evening the Oakland A’s finally cut ties with Conor Jackson. The A’s traded him to the Boston Red Sox for pitching prospect Jason Rice and cash. Let’s be honest does it matter what the A’s got for him? Jackson […]