A’s Season is Officially a Bust

I have no problem eating a crow sandwich when I am wrong and when it comes to the A’s I could not have been more wrong. What a terrible season. Almost everything I thought would go great for the A’s […]

Should the A’s Resign Josh Willingham

This is an issue that has me torn. While Willingham has been a god send in the power department he has been less than stellar with the bat. Even with his 23 home runs and 79 rbis, which are looking […]

Should Bob Melvin Stay?

I know the A’s haven’t been great since the departure of Bob Geren but they most certainly have been better. Does better mean Melvin should get another stab at the A’s though? I say yes but not because I think […]

Who Will be the A’s Cy Young?

I know the A’s don’t have anyone on the roster this year who will even be in the conversation for the actual Cy Young so let’s talk about who should be the A’s Cy Young. The A’s have several pitchers […]

Brandon Allen Starting to Look Like the Real Deal

After two blasts during today’s game in Yankee Stadium Brandon Allen is cementing himself into that first base spot for the Oakland A’s. Since Jason Giambi packed his bags and left for New York in 2002 the Oakland A’s have […]

Get Ready For a Long Week of Baseball, Oakland A’s Fans

As an A’s fan who has been enjoying their play a little more lately I have to admit I may avoid the TV for the next week. The A’s who normally struggle against the Yankees will have to play three […]

Ryan Sweeney is Wasting Away on the Oakland A’s Bench

Yes, I realize he is slumping a bit this month but let’s face it DeJesus and Jackson have been basically slumping all season. So what is the deal with Sweeney seeing no playing time? Is he a cancer in the […]

Rich Harden Looking Pretty Good as a Starter for the Oakland A’s

With his 11 strike outs last night I feel it’s fair to say that Rich Harden has been very good as a starter for the A’s this season. I said earlier in the year that he shouldn’t be a starter […]

Oakland A’s Can’t get rid of Coco Crisp

Recently the Oakland A’s put Coco Crisp through waivers but there has been little to no interest for the center fielder. I have to say I find this shocking. I don’t think Coco is an amazing baseball player but I […]

It’s too Little, too Late for Kurt Suzuki

Was it just me or was anyone else shocked when they saw that Kurt Suzuki not only hit two home runs in yesterday’s game but that the second was his twelfth of the season? If I had to guess the numbers […]

September Can’t get Here Fast Enough for Oakland A’s

I can’t imagine any A’s fans are still enjoying this season. There were a few nice weeks after the all-star break of watchable, fun baseball but the A’s have now fallen back into their sloppy defensive play and lack of […]

Brandon Allen Looks Good For A’s

Brandon Allen may not be the answer for the Oakland A’s empty spot at first but he is sure a much better solution than Conor Jackson. Jackson’s game is not going to get any better than it is, Allen on […]