Seattle Mariners Have the Oakland A’s Number

Unless a minor miracle occurs the Seattle Mariners are about to sweep the Oakland Athletics.  Making the season series 4-9. I don’t know what it is about these pesky Mariners but the A’s just have all sorts of trouble with […]

Trevor Cahill Still Showing Signs of His Age

At this point in the season last year, Trevor Cahill, was pitching his way into a bid for the Cy Young. Right now, he is pitching more like a 23 year old with a lot of talent and iffy confidence. […]

A’s may not be Deadline Winners but They Sure Aren’t Deadline Losers

With the trade deadline come and gone the Oakland A’s decided to stay with what they have. The only move they made was Brad Ziegler to Arizona for a relief pitcher and a stud AAA first baseman, who has been […]

Once the Smoke Clears the A’s Will Start Trading

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Oakland Athletics

I’m sure all you A’s fans have been huddled around your TVs or Computers just waiting for the A’s to start making some trades. I hope you aren’t too disappointed nothing has happened just yet. The A’s are going to […]

Cliff Pennington Should Start Showing up in Trade Rumors

Since the All-Star break the A’s hottest player is Cliff Pennington. While he has still had his not so bright moments on defense, his offense has been pretty amazing. Since the break Pennington is batting .455 with 2 home runs, […]

The Law of Averages Catching up With the Oakland A’s Hitters

I said it a few times over the coarse of the last couple of months, “What are the chances that every player the A’s have will have their worst season offensively?”. Up until the All-Star break it looked like the […]

Oakland A’s Offense is Slowly Getting Better

Even though the A’s dropped 2 of 3 in New York they had to walk away feeling a little better about themselves, offensively anyway. The starting pitching struggled, well Gio and Cahill did, but that was to be expected against […]

Fautino De Los Santos is the Cherry on top of the Nick Swisher Trade

Picture it Oakland, January, the year is 2008, the A’s trade one of their top outfield prospects to the Chicago White Sox for three no name players. When that trade went down many thought the White Sox got a good […]

Yankees Crush Trevor Cahill, Again

This is just old hat at this point. Every time Cahill faces the Yanks he gets destroyed. Tonight he gave up 10 runs in two innings of work. I’m sure some A’s fans will start screaming the sky is falling […]

The New York Yankees will set the Oakland A’s Straight

If you haven’t noticed, since the All-Star break, the Oakland A’s have managed to win four out of their last six games. The crazy thing is not only have they won those four game but they seemed to have put […]

Please Call up Josh Donaldson and Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor and Josh Donaldson have been stuck in the minors too long. At one time they were both considered to be top prospects for the A’s. Recently they have dropped in their offensive output but part of me wonders […]

Oakland A’s put up 8 Runs in the First

I am not sure what got into the Oakland Athletics yesterday afternoon but whatever it was needs to happen more often. I know a lot of it was thanks to poor pitching from Joel Pineiro, who walked the first three […]