The Risky Trio

These three guys perfectly exemplify the idea of high risk and high reward in Major League Baseball. The following players all have the ability and track record to be completely dominant starting pitchers. Weighed against them, however, are their individual […]

White Sox Add Depth With Jones

At one point in the not-too-distant past he was a star, Andruw Jones now joins the Chicago White Sox bench for the 2010 season. On this 2009 Thanksgiving day, let’s look at what he may be bringing to the South-side… […]

Player Prediction: Wandy Rodriguez

When you think of the starting pitching in Houston, the name that comes to mind is almost assuredly Roy Oswalt. Yet for the 2010 season and beyond, Wandy Rodriguez looks like the player to keep your eye on. This 30-year-old […]

For the Love of Ted Lilly!

Upon hearing about Ted Lilly’s shoulder surgery on November 4th, I began to think about how important he really is to the success of the Cubs in 2010. Lilly has grown into a fan-favorite with the Cubbie-faithful, something I never […]

The Value of Fox

A nice little story in 2009, at least for part of the Chicago Cubs season, was the arrival of Jake Fox on the Major League roster. He had torn up the AAA-level that season to the tune of  a .409 […]

Gary Matthews Jr. Making Demands…Really?

Excuse me if I am mistaken, but since when did Gary Matthews Jr. gain the power to start demanding anything? The last time anyone checked, Matthews Jr. had become an instant-out at the plate. The man hit .250 last season […]

The Void at Second Base

The Cubs production from second base in 2009 is best described as a black hole. Whether it was the original starter Mike Fontenot, Aaron Miles, or Andres Blanco, their production at the plate was staggeringly awful. With the exception of […]