Ranking The Detroit Tigers’ Top 5 Prospects Of Spring Training

Nick Castellanos Spring Training Detroit Tigers

Austin Jackson Making A Spring Statement For Detroit Tigers

Austin Jackson Spring Training Detroit Tigers

When the Detroit Tigers added Ian Kinsler in the offseason, the competition for the leadoff spot in the batting order was on. The spot has belonged to Austin Jackson in the recent past, but for now it appears Brad Ausmus […]

Max Scherzer Could Be Even Better in 2014 for Detroit Tigers

Max Scherzer Spring Trinaing Detroit Tigers

You would think a pitcher who won the Cy Young would try to replicate their performance from their award-winning season, but it appears Max Scherzer plans to add to his arsenal in 2014. Scherzer featured a curveball against the St. Louis […]

Nelson Cruz Has To Earn Respect of Baltimore Orioles Fans

Baltimore Orioles Nelson Cruz

Fans tend to forgive star athletes who deliver an apology and perform for their team. They’re quick to forget a suspension for cheating as long as you score runs for their team. Fans of the Baltimore Orioles will have to […]

Spring Training: Phil Coke On Thin Ice for Detroit Tigers in 2014

Phil Coke Spring Training Detroit Tigers

Phil Coke has had plenty of opportunities to have an impact for the Detroit Tigers, but that hasn’t been enough for him to solidify his position as a member of the bullpen in 2014. The Tigers gave him a $1.9 […]

Rajai Davis Brings New Element to Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers' Rajai Davis

One thing the Detroit Tigers haven’t had much of over the past few seasons is a solid base-running option on the bench, but that all changes in 2014 with the addition of Rajai Davis. Last season, the Tigers’ offensive strategy […]

Rick Porcello’s Fastball Will Determine Success for Detroit Tigers’ Pitcher

Rick Porcello Spring Training Detroit Tigers

You can’t read too far into spring training games, but Detroit Tigers‘ starting pitcher Rick Porcello had to be happy with how he threw the ball Thursday against the Atlanta Braves. Porcello started out the first inning by quickly retiring […]

Joe Nathan Could Be Detroit Tigers’ Most Important Acquisition

Joe Nathan Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers have had some tumultuous seasons lately when it comes their closer, but they are confident in the one they have in 2014. The Tigers signed free-agent reliever Joe Nathan to a two-year deal in the offseason. They […]

Nick Castellanos Shouldn’t Start 2014 With the Detroit Tigers

Nick Castellanos Detroit Tigers

Nick Castellanos has been all the rage when it comes to Detroit Tigers‘ prospects since 2010, but he is unlikely to have the instant impact many fans are expecting from him this season. With the trade of Prince Fielder to […]

5 Reasons Why Austin Jackson Should Lead Off for Detroit Tigers in 2014

Austin Jackson Detroit Tigers

Lloyd McClendon Not the Answer in Detroit Tigers’ Manager Search

Lloyd McClendon Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers are in need of a manager, but they shouldn’t consider promoting hitting coach Lloyd McClendon to the position. Continuity is always something people talk about when a team is in need of a new manager. They believe […]

Detroit Tigers Will Be Fine Without Jim Leyland as Manager in 2014

Jim Leyland Detroit Tigers

Jim Leyland was exactly what the Detroit Tigers needed when they brought him in to manage the club in 2006. He led the Tigers to the World Series in his first season with the team and changed the culture from the […]