2013 MLB Postseason: Evan Gattis Stepping Up At Right Time For Atlanta Braves

Evan Gattis Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves don’t really have to worry about whether they are going to make it to the postseason, but they do have to figure out who is going to play when they get there. Evan Gattis has had an interesting year, […]

Is Detroit Tigers’ Lead in MLB Standings Big Enough to Rest Key Players?

Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers

There is always a fine line between taking a hitter out of a game to give them a day or two off and worrying about whether or not they will lose timing at the plate. The Detroit Tigers are in […]

Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera Being Tossed by Brian Gorman is Absurd

Brian Gorman

Sometimes, calling balls and strikes isn’t enough for an MLB umpire and they feel the need to inject themselves into the game a little more. Brian Gorman got a little power hungry in the first inning when the Detroit Tigers were in Chicago to take […]

Kansas City Royals Not Out of American League Central Race

Salvador Perez Kansas City Royals

Overcoming a seven-game deficit with 19 remaining sounds like a tough task for the Kansas City Royals, but they’re in the midst of the most important part of their schedule and still have the ability to do damage to the […]

Triple Crown Race: Chris Davis’ HR Pace Dropping, Miguel Cabrera Lurks

Chris Davis Baltimore Orioles

For a while, it seemed like Chris Davis was going to approach rarefied air in the home run category; but his pace is slowing, and Miguel Cabrera remains just four home runs behind him despite having to miss a couple […]

Detroit Tigers’ Manager Jim Leyland Spot On With Displeasure Over September Call Ups

Jim Leyland Detroit Tigers

When a football team gets in to the final few weeks of a season, they don’t suddenly change the rules.  It’s not like they give them a couple of extra roster spots even though they probably have much more depleted […]

Ryan Ludwick’s Return Will Be Key to Cincinnati Reds’ Success Down Stretch

Ryan Ludwick Cincinnati Reds

The Cincinnati Reds have played well enough to hang around near the top of the standings in one of the toughest divisions in MLB all season, and they’ve done it with a revolving door of players in left field. Ryan […]

Triple Crown Becoming More Unlikely for Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers

Miguel Cabrera is most likely going to post better numbers than he did last season when he walked away with a Triple Crown and MVP award, but it may not be enough to get the job done this year. Cabrera […]

Victor Martinez Inching Closer to .300 Batting Average for Detroit Tigers

Victor Martinez Detroit Tigers

With the way he played through the first few months of the season, many fans of the Detroit Tigers never would have thought Victor Martinez might finish the regular season with a .300 batting average. He’s been on a two-month […]

Miguel Cabrera Should DH for Detroit Tigers

Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers

It’s becoming more and more obvious that Miguel Cabrera isn’t running to the best of his ability, and his somewhat-injured approach to getting around the bases has now gotten worse. Cabrera hit a frozen rope off the wall Thursday against […]

Justin Verlander’s Fastball Simply Not the Same for Detroit Tigers

Justin Verlander Detroit Tigers

It’s not like Justin Verlander is completely unusable as a pitcher, but he’s definitely not the same as he used to be. If you watch the Detroit Tigers on Fox Sports Detroit, you will often hear Mario Impemba and Rod […]

Wild Card May Be Kansas City Royals’ Only Shot at Postseason

Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals were a part of the American League Central race for the majority of the season, but overcoming their 10.5 game deficit to the Detroit Tigers with 32 games remaining certainly won’t be easy. A more reasonable […]