Philadelphia Phillies Make Wise Choice To Finally Bench Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies

It has been well documented that Ryan Howard has not been playing good baseball this season. I would use the term “slump”, but what Howard is going through is something much worse, something that he may not be able to […]

Philadelphia Phillies Should Keep Cliff Lee For Now

Cliff Lee Philadelphia Phillies

On Monday night, the Philadelphia Phillies heralded the return of Cliff Lee to the starting rotation as he and the Phillies faced the San Francisco Giants. This was Lee’s first start since returning from the disabled list due to elbow […]

Kyle Kendrick Showing Philadelphia Phillies He Really Is That Bad

Kyle Kendrick Philadelphia Phillies

To say Kyle Kendrick has had a rough season would be like saying the Philadelphia Phillies have seen better days — a huge understatement. Kendrick has always struggled and his pitching has never been what you would call pretty, but […]

Cole Hamels Should Ask Philadelphia Phillies For A Trade

Cole Hamels Philadelphia Phillies

If any pitcher in the Philadelphia Phillies‘ rotation has had a tougher year than Cole Hamels, I don’t have a clue who it would be. Unlike Kyle Kendrick, who has just been awful for most of the season, or Cliff […]

Why is Ruben Amaro Jr. Afraid to Rebuild the Philadelphia Phillies?

Ruben Amaro Jr Philadelphia Phillies

Any hope that the Philadelphia Phillies would find a new energy and sense of urgency after the All-Star break died a quick death on Friday night. Picking up right where they left off, the Phillies lost to the Atlanta Braves […]

Philadelphia Phillies Should Be Open To Trading Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels

Cliff Lee Philadelphia Phillies

Now that the All-Star Game is over and regular play resumes on Friday with the Philadelphia Phillies taking on division-rival Atlanta Braves, everyone will be watching what the Phillies and Ruben Amaro Jr. do as the trade deadline gets ever closer. […]

Philadelphia Phillies Should Trade Jonathan Papelbon to Los Angeles Dodgers

Jonathan Papelbon Philadelphia Phillies

When it comes to players who Ruben Amaro Jr. has a chance of moving by the trade deadline, the number of Philadelphia Phillies on that list is very short. One name that keeps popping up (other than Marlon Byrd) is […]

Chase Utley, Derek Jeter are Made From the Same Mold

Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies

Always play hard. That has been Derek Jeter‘s philosophy in regards to playing baseball for as long as anyone can remember. He discussed it during a interview before Tuesday night’s All-Star Game. Jeter talked about how playing hard, day in […]

Philadelphia Phillies Should Be Celebrating Chase Utley

Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies

For the sixth time in his career, Chase Utley will be taking part in the MLB All-Star Game, starting at second base for the NL. His is the only representative from the Philadelphia Phillies to take part this year, as […]

Philadelphia Phillies May Have To Buy Out Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies

Ryan Howard is not the hitter he used to be — that much cannot be argued. One look at Howard’s stats for the 2014 season so far will bear that out. A perfect example is the Philadelphia Phillies‘ just completed […]

Return of Carlos Ruiz, Cliff Lee Won’t Help Philadelphia Phillies

Cliff Lee Carlos Ruiz Phillies

As the Philadelphia Phillies limp into the All-Star Break with a record of 42-53, sitting at 11 games under .500 and with a two-game losing streak in tow, some wonder if the imminent return of fan favorite players Carlos Ruiz […]

Marlon Byrd Wants to Remain with Philadelphia Phillies

Marlon Byrd Philadelphia Phillies

If you had told me when this baseball season began that Marlon Byrd would be the name most mentioned as a player the Philadelphia Phillies would be able get great value for at the trade deadline, I would have laughed […]