Near No-Hitter by Mike Minor is Great Sign for Atlanta Braves

Mike Minor

Just a few weeks ago the Atlanta Braves appeared to have many problems that would keep them from the MLB postseason. One huge problem was the consistent trouble that starting pitcher Mike Minor was having. It might be too easy […]

Gordon Beckham a Good Addition for the Los Angeles Angels

Gordon Beckham

Everywhere you look you will read fun little comments about the Chicago White Sox being glad to be rid of Gordon Beckham. At least a great deal of the fan base feels that way after his .221/.263/.336 slash line this […]

Home Runs are the Difference in Atlanta Braves’ Current Winning Streak

Justin Upton Atlanta Braves

Few expected the Atlanta Braves to go on such a terrible run like they went on recently in the eight-game losing streak and basically winning only few games at all after the All-Star break. Just as many who thought that […]

Josh Beckett’s Absence This Season A Non-Factor For Los Angeles Dodgers

Josh Beckett

When the news came in that the Los Angeles Dodgers might be without starting pitcher Josh Beckett for the remainder of the 2014 season, little happened at all. The simple fact of the matter is that the Dodgers really will […]

Atlanta Braves: Fredi Gonzalez Should Stick With Phil Gosselin’s Hot Hands

Phil Gosselin

When the stretch run hit for the Atlanta Braves in 2014, they fell completely apart. It is well documented how many games they lost and how far they have fallen in the standings. The only thing that the Braves can […]

Atlanta Braves Exercise Playoff Demons; Finally Defeat Los Angeles Dodgers

Craig Kimbrel Atlanta Braves

The game of baseball is a strange one in many ways. Roll back the clock to the 2013 National League Division Series and the Atlanta Braves figured themselves in a good position to force a Game 5 against the Los […]

Colorado Rockies’ Troy Tulowitzki Takes Another Career Hit, Has Season-Ending Surgery

Troy Tulowitzki

At the start of every single MLB regular season, the name of Troy Tulowitzki is in the top few favorites for the MVP award. This season was no different for the Colorado Rockies‘ perennial All-Star. There is unfortunately something besides […]

Atlanta Braves Will Not Make MLB Postseason

Atlanta Braves

The 2014 season did not start in a promising way for the Atlanta Braves. They lost key pitchers in Spring Training and really couldn’t have been given much of a chance to dominate the year like they did in 2013. That […]

Alumni Weekend Stops Atlanta Braves’ Losing Streak In Season’s Biggest Win

Chipper Jones

Something had to change for the Atlanta Braves. It is just natural that a good team’s losing streak is more likely to end every single day that it stretches on. The Braves, however, seemed to find a new way to lose […]

Miami Marlins’ Dan Jennings Brings Padded Caps Back to Limelight After Taking Hit to the Head

Dan Jennings

The debate over whether or not MLB pitchers should wear some type of protective head cover fades shortly after each pitcher turns out to be okay. It really shouldn’t fade, however, and we all remember why every time someone gets […]

Philadelphia Phillies’ Cliff Lee Not Needing Surgery Could Impact Cole Hamels

Cliff Lee

Depending on what week it is, there are usually a few great things for Philadelphia Phillies fans to cheer about, along with a few things to be frustrated about. The repeat injury to Cliff Lee this season was surely one […]

George Springer’s Re-Injured Quad Must be Allowed to Heal Completely

George Springer

The Houston Astros are not where they were last summer. There was little hope of keeping the loss column under triple digits last year but this year that goal is very real. With such an important hurdle in mind, the […]