Loss to New York Mets Might be Best Loss of Season for Atlanta Braves

Mike Minor

Rarely in any sport can a loss be called a good thing. Yet for the Atlanta Braves, their recent loss to the New York Mets might include some of the best and most important news of the season. It was […]

Andrelton Simmons Playing Well in the Second Spot in Atlanta Braves Lineup

Andrelton Simmons

Everyone knows by now that the Atlanta Braves have one of the best shortstops in all of MLB in Andrelton Simmons. Unless injury gets in the way, he is as untouchable of a piece of the starting lineup for the […]

Oakland Athletics Fix What Isn’t Broken in Jeff Samardzija Trade

Jeff Samardzija

When the news hit that the Oakland Athletics completed the first big trade of the MLB trade season to bring in two starting pitchers, it hit with a thud. Shortly before the news hit, the Toronto Blue Jays and the […]

B.J. Upton Is No Longer The Same As Dan Uggla For Atlanta Braves

B.J. Upton

It could be argued that B.J. Upton is getting so much money for his skillset that he could never technically be worth what the Atlanta Braves are paying him. But then again, that could probably be said for everyone. Clayton […]

Christian Bethancourt is Doing Well but is Not a Replacement for Evan Gattis

Christian Bethancourt

It has been longer than most can remember since Christian Bethancourt was not the next big thing behind the plate for the Atlanta Braves. He was looked at as the heir apparent to the catching throne a full year before […]

Atlanta Braves’ Julio Teheran Deserves All-Star Recognition

Julio Teheran

All speculation as to who the best of the best of the Atlanta Braves starting rotation is has ended. With another huge and gutsy win over the New York Mets on Wednesday, Julio Teheran is the unquestioned ace of the […]

Shae Simmons Saved the Day in a Big Way for Atlanta Braves

Shae Simmons

As the Washington Nationals and the Atlanta Braves seemingly begin a dogfight through the middle and end of the MLB regular season, the Braves have claim to a slim lead on Wednesday morning because of Shae Simmons. Sure there were […]

Atlanta Braves: Seven Game Hitting Streak Matters for B.J. Upton

B.J. Upton Atlanta Braves

During the opening game of the Atlanta Braves‘ series with the New York Mets, B.J. Upton went two for four with one walk and one run scored. That is significant for more than one reason. He now has a seven […]

Atlanta Braves: 5 Biggest Surprises Through First Half of MLB Season

Aaron Harang

Atlanta Braves Blessed to Have all Pieces They Need Within Organization

Shae Simmons

All over MLB there are teams swimming all over the trade market to find what they need. Some need another starting pitcher while others are trying to search for the key bat that will get them through. Countless teams on […]

Tommy La Stella Really Has a Chance to be Awesome After Slump for Atlanta Braves

Tommy La Stella

It is well documented that Tommy La Stella went through a bad slump recently. Some probably wondered if that slump would be the beginning of the rest of La Stella’s career but those who thought that do not know La […]

Chris Johnson Heating up is Great Sign for Atlanta Braves

Chris Johnson

When looking at the successes that the Atlanta Braves enjoyed in 2013, it is easy to pick out the starting rotation and the awesome work by the bullpen. Jason Heyward had a great middle part of the season when the […]