Derek Jeter Climbs Notch Higher in MLB History Books with Milestone Hit

Derek Jeter

Not long ago all conversations about New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter had something to do with a pitch that was grooved to him during the All-Star game. It isn’t like anyone with a solid brain actually began to question […]

B.J. Upton Playing to Career Averages in Month of July for Atlanta Braves

B.J. Upton

Those who did not study the career numbers of B.J. Upton when the Atlanta Braves signed him to a five year deal are probably never going to be happy with his play. Some will always suggest that he is not […]

San Francisco Giants Paid Too Much for Jake Peavy in Trade with Boston Red Sox

Jake Peavy

This morning, the San Francisco Giants traded a couple of minor league pitchers for Jake Peavy and on the surface it seems like a good move. After all, the Giants are without Matt Cain for a while and Peavy is a […]

Atlanta Braves Will Hang Close or Lose the Nationals before Head to Head

Alex Wood

For two teams that have been fighting for a division for most of the last couple of seasons, the Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves of 2014 couldn’t be any more different. Everything seems to be just about a guarantee for […]

Atlanta Braves Could be Developing Tendency to Plat to Competition

Atlanta Braves

Most everyone can see the Atlanta Braves as one of the better teams in Major League Baseball. Actually the fans of the team are the ones most likely to point out the negative qualities in the talented club. They have […]

Mike Minor Could be the Key to Atlanta Braves Winning or Losing Division

Mike Minor

With the second straight loss to the Miami Marlins on Tuesday the Atlanta Braves found out that they might have a problem. Their offense is capable but it is not good enough to carry the team alone. As long as […]

How can Andrelton Simmons be the Best on Defense and not an All-Star?

Andrelton Simmons

During the Atlanta Braves’ 3 to 1 loss to the Miami Marlins on Monday, Andrelton Simmons lengthened the distance between himself and other defensive players with a play that defied logic. Whether you have seen it or not, the fact […]

Return of Evan Gattis Should Boost an Already Improved Atlanta Braves’ Offense

Evan Gattis

Few could have expected how well Christian Bethancourt would do when Evan Gattis went to the disabled list with an injured back. The Atlanta Braves have done quite well offensively even with Gattis on the shelf for a couple of […]

Atlanta Braves Have Right Mix to Win National League East

Atlanta Braves

One thing that you can learn very easily by checking out any Atlanta Braves message board is that there are a lot of fans who can always find something wrong with the team. There was some buzz on one lately […]

Aaron Harang Continues to Prove Himself Worthy of Atlanta Braves’ Rotation

Aaron Harang

Whether it was looked at on paper or video or basically anywhere else, nobody would think that a matchup between Aaron Harang and Philadelphia Phillies’ ace Cole Hamels would be a pitching duel. The fact is that Harang made the […]

Free at Last: Atlanta Braves Finally Cut Ties with Dan Uggla in a Great Move

Dan Uggla

As fans of most MLB teams would likely do, fans of the Atlanta Braves mark certain special moments in their team’s history to remember. They know about the catch by Otis Nixon and the time Ken Caminiti ran over Greg […]

Atlanta Braves’ All-Star Freddie Freeman Will Improve in Second Half

Freddie Freeman

When it comes time to vote for the MVP of each MLB team, Freddie Freeman will always make the top few vote-getters for the Atlanta Braves. He made the All-Star team this year for his second consecutive season but his […]