An Appeal to Manny Ramirez to Retire

Manny Ramirez

Dear Manny,   I hear that you’re still working on a comeback and that you believe you can help a team out and be a role model.  That’s great to hear that you have a positive outlook.  I’m proud that […]

Does Prince Fielder Have a Texas-Sized Heart?

Prince Fielder

On Friday the 13th, Prince Fielder met with a few club officials of the Texas Rangers at a Dallas hotel.  Scott Boras was present but most believe it was more of a fact finding meeting as the Rangers are also […]

Daniel Bard and the Tale of the Rotation

Daniel Bard

There are rumors (well not really rumors, more like reports) swirling around the Boston Red Sox that Daniel Bard is being moved to the rotation.  He has even come out and said that he thinks he will thrive as a […]

Why Kerry Wood Should Not Return to the Chicago Cubs

Kerry Wood

Though it pains me to say, the Cubs should let Kerry Wood go this year and throw him a goodbye party on his way out of town.  Wood loves Chicago and we love him but this relationship has finally reached […]

Bud Selig Offered Contract Extension

Bud Selig

It is believed that the owners in Major League Baseball will offer Bud Selig a two year extension as Commissioner of Major League Baseball and it is believed that he will accept.  Selig is already the second longest tenured commissioner […]

Steroid Hall of Fame


Breaking news:  Mark McGwire did not get elected to the Hall of Fame . . . again.  The one big question that remains is will he ever get in?  Sure the bat he used and some batting gloves are in […]

Howie Kendrick Resigns With Angels


Howie Kendrick will not have to change his mailing address as he resigns with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  Kendrick, who is 28 years old, forgoes his final year of arbitration eligibility and signs a 4 year deal worth […]

State of the Cubs – January Edition

January has come and our hearts yearn for baseball and how the sun will eventually melt away the frost from our car windows.  We’re anticipating another Cubs season which will be filled with . . . well, let’s face it, […]

An Open Letter to Manny Ramirez


Dear Manny,   The time has come to do what so many players before you have done.  They’ve struggled with the decision just as much as you probably have.  They’ve wavered and waffled but eventually they realized that what they […]