What Kansas City Royals Haters And That Emo Friend Of Yours Have In Common

Kansas City Royals Fans

Every fanbase is unique, partly because of their divisions and their reasons for being divided. Sure, we all cheer together and suffer the pain of defeat in unison, but not all fans are created equal. This tumultuous-yet-thrilling start to the […]

Alex Gordon Needs Help Carrying Kansas City Royals To Success

Alex Gordon Kansas City Royals

The 2014 season is officially halfway over, so now is as good a time as ever to look back at what has transpired since Opening Day in late March. We’ll start the (over)analysis by looking at the Kansas City Royals‘ offensive […]

Kansas City Royals’ First Walk-Off Win of 2014 Was Well-Timed

Omar Infante Kansas City Royals

It took until the exact halfway point for the Kansas City Royals to claim their first walk-off win of the season, but it happened at an opportune moment. KC skidded through two wins in nine games to follow up their […]

Kansas City Royals Offense Must Compete Against Good Pitchers and Dominate Bad Ones

Eric Hosmer Omar Infante Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals proved their ability to bounce back from heartbreak with a huge winning streak from early to mid-June. They followed this up by losing six of seven, and the offense is mostly to blame for both of […]

Pitching Gives Kansas City Royals Advantage Over Los Angeles Dodgers (This Time)

Kansas City Royals Los Angeles Dodgers

The Kansas City Royals‘ offense was understandably stumped by Clayton Kershaw in Game 2 of their series with the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday, but the upcoming rubber-game should offer them much more hope. Kershaw threw eight outstanding innings against […]

Kansas City Royals Losing Future Fans Due to Dynamic Deals

Kansas City Royals

My latest take or rally cry about attendance at Kansas City Royals games led me to some rather disturbing thoughts that have more to do with community than sport. Legitimacy as a franchise just breeds more worry and stress, albeit in […]

Gut-Check Time for Kansas City Royals’ Offense

Alex Gordon Justin Maxwell Kansas City Royals

I refuse to get too down in the dumps after this third-straight Kansas City Royals loss. It shouldn’t be so easy to forget the awesome two weeks that lifted KC to relevance, but it also won’t be easy to shake […]

Kansas City Royals Ready to Bounce Back After Painful Defeat

Lorenzo Cain Mike Moustakas Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals battled for the lead in the AL Central tonight, but they fell just short of holding onto first place. Despite a five-run comeback that erased another tough start from struggling Royals ace James Shields, KC now […]

Robinson Cano is Kansas City Royals’ Biggest Hurdle in Seattle Mariners Series

Robinson Cano Seattle Mariners

Tonight brings the start of a huge home series for the Kansas City Royals, when KC takes the field at 7:10 CT for the first of three games against the Seattle Mariners. Tonight’s starter for Seattle dominated nearly every KC […]

Kansas City Royals’ Home Field Advantage At Risk

Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals are an intriguing, exciting team fighting to hold onto a narrow lead in their division, so why is attendance at home games down this year? Well, you could (and should) blame the new dynamic pricing scheme, […]

Playoff Race Begins Now For Kansas City Royals

Danny Duffy Kansas City Royals

An indescribably memorable winning streak came to an end today, but morale in Kansas City should remain blissfully high. The Detroit Tigers finally snapped the Kansas City Royals‘ 10-game tirade that earned KC a spot atop the AL Central, but […]

Kansas City Royals Showing Their Staying Power

Jeremy Guthrie Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals offense was relatively unproductive today, but that did little to stop them from claiming their 10thj straight win and a 1.5 game lead in the AL Central. What this afternoon’s 2-1 win lacked in offensive fireworks, […]