New York Yankees’ Lineup Without Robinson Cano Is Scary

Robinson Cano

There are those nights this season when it appears that New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano is unlikely to return to the team next year — the nights when he does not hustle to first base, chases pitches out of […]

New York Yankees Heading Toward The Bottom

Joe Girardi

For years, the New York Yankees and their legion of fans would invade Camden Yards and pound on the Baltimore Orioles This weekend, the roles have been reversed, as it is the Orioles beating up on the Yankees and fighting […]

New York Yankees Paying The Price For Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

Twitter is great for the interconnectivity it allows people around the world can. Although, an egomaniac like New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez can use the social media site to enhance that negative quality. There was not a better example than the firestorm […]

New York Yankees’ Decision To Keep Lyle Overbay A Good One

Lyle Overbay

In the final days of spring training, first baseman Lyle Overbay was released by the Boston Red Sox. Subsequently, he was given a three-day tryout with the New York Yankees to see whether he would be a better option than Juan Rivera to temporarily replace Mark Teixeira, who injured […]

New York Yankees’ Offense Is Awful Right Now

Ichiro Suzuki

Runs are at a premium these days for the New York Yankees. Even when they do manage to bring a runner home, it is not pretty. The offense that lost 8-3 last night against the Tampa Bay Rays looked just […]

Injury-Ravaged New York Yankees Could Use Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

The majority of New York Yankees fans and mostly everyone in the front office is hoping that beleaguered superstar Alex Rodriguez does not come back so that the organization can collect on insurance money. If he goes away due to his supposed ties with […]

New York Yankees’ Phil Hughes Pitching For Free-Agency

Phil Hughes

Going into tonight’s game in Oakland, New York Yankees right-hander Phil Hughes has a 1.69 career ERA there. Coliseum is a fly-ball park, which is perfect for him to fully demonstrate his free-agent value. Hughes, who is 3-4 with a 4.80 […]

Michael Pineda Could Be Season-Changer For New York Yankees in 2013

Michael Pineda

In 2011, 24-year-old right-hander Michael Pineda was one of the most impressive young pitchers in the game. Armed with a mid-to-high 90′s fastball and a hard slider, he earned himself a spot in the All-Star Game in his rookie season […]

Kevin Youkilis Unproductive For New York Yankees Thus Far

Kevin Youkilis

When the New York Yankees signed Kevin Youkilis to be a temporary replacement for the injured and overpriced Alex Rodriguez, it seemed to be a low risk/high reward kind of deal. For only one year and $12 million, a contract that perfectly suits their […]