Pittsburgh Pirates: Return of Jeanmar Gomez

Jeanmar Gomez

The Force was certainly with Jeanmar Gomez and the Pittsburgh Pirates as they closed out a perfect 5-0 west coast stay, winning a season-high sixth game in a row, in dropping the Seattle Mariners 4-2. Finishing up their overall road trip at […]

Pittsburgh Pirates: Sleepful In Seattle

Pirates Celebrate

Manager Clint Hurdle and the Pittsburgh Pirates are sleeping well out on the west coast. Hitting on all four cylinders of their latest road trip, the Pirates are now officially on a roll, winning a season-high five games in a row […]

5 Players That Need To Stay Healthy for the Pittsburgh Pirates

Pirates Must Stay Healthy

Pittsburgh Pirates: Fans Are Happy!


Off-days on the schedule are always a good time to reflect back on what’s happened so far with the team you’re following. A little break in the six-month grind lets you sit back with a few of your favorite beverages […]

MLB Injuries: Beanballs Schmeanballs

Shane Robinson

There’s been a lot of talk of beanballs lately — and of throwing them also. Perspective, people. Perspective. Remember, this is a kid’s game being played by really big kids. Fast, strong, and sometimes not-so-bright big kids. A game that […]

Brandon Inge is Pittsburgh Pirates’ Most Overrated Player

Brandon Inge

It pains me to write an article like this. The Pittsburgh Pirates are generally not an organization that over-hypes their players, as least not compared to some of the other larger market teams. Actually, to be fair, it’s probably more of […]

5 Pittsburgh Pirates That Can Walk the Plank


Pittsburgh Pirates: Pedro Alvarez The Next Willie Stargell?

Pedro Alvarez

Pedro Alvarez is a little too young to be called “Pops”, but the 26 year-old Pittsburgh Pirate third baseman could very well be the next Willie Stargell. I know that’s a bold claim, but I’m not the only one making […]

Pittsburgh Pirates: Jeff Locke’s A Lock

Jeff Locke

A couple weeks ago, I posed the question, who is Pittsburgh Pirate left-hander Jeff Locke? I ended the piece with, “Only time will tell”; a fairly obvious, though truthful answer. Well, time has told. Right now, time says Jeff Locke is simply the Pirates’ best starting […]

Pittsburgh Pirates: All Hands On Deck!

Travis Snider

After All-Star Andrew McCutchen got hit in the fourth inning of the first game of their series with the Cincinnati Reds, and Neil Walker almost had his head removed from his shoulders by an errant up and in Aroldis Chapman 99-mph fastball later […]

Pittsburgh Pirates: The Return of the Invisible Man

Francisco Liriano

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned  how well one Francisco Liriano of the Pittsburgh Pirates was pitching while going relatively unnoticed by the people who notice such things. Well, tonight Liriano gave another petty darn good unnoticeable performance and the […]

Pittsburgh Pirates: Some Rainy Day Fatherly Advice


Today being Father’s Day, it’s only natural that I give out some fatherly advice. The one hour and 27 minute rain delay before the game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Angeles Dodgers afforded me such an opportunity. There’s nothing too […]