Baseball Writers Association of America: The New Morality Police?


To satisfy a personal agenda, one of the most influential baseball writers of all time was directly responsible for unjustly running popular hall of fame pitcher Tom Seaver out of New York in 1977.   The Star-Ledger – USA TODAY […]

Toronto Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos Is Latest “Genius”


Every once in a while, a baseball General Manager comes along who is looked upon as the greatest thing since sliced bread; although most of today’s sliced bread contains chemicals which aren’t exactly beneficial to one’s health. A few years […]

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig Is No Buddy To Many Baseball Fans


  It is very rare for sports league commissioners such as Gary Bettman and Bud Selig to come along and take their respective leagues down roads which would cause long term damage for fans of the sport.  From labor disputes […]

Former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein Fitting Departure From Boston


    With the difficulties experienced by the Boston Red Sox during the past couple of seasons, the blame game has intensified to a level that even the crassest New Englanders have not seen in some time.  Red Sox owner […]

1994 MLB Strike More Than Meets The Eye?


The recent disturbing developments with the Miami Marlins has once again brought to light another incident which also occurred under the watch of Baseball’s Collusion Commissioner Bud Selig.  There have been whispers for some time now there was more to […]

X-Mas Comes Early For Toronto Blue Jays As Pressure For 2013 Mounts

Toronto Blue Jays General Manager Alex Anthopoulos

    Ever since entering the American League in 1977, the Toronto Blue Jays have received preferential treatment from Major League Baseball compared to the treatment of Canada’s other former baseball franchise, the Montreal Expos. There was no players strike […]

Major League Baseball Needs Minimum Team Salary Floor

Jeffrey Loria Miami Marlins Owner

  If MLB Commissioner Bud Selig were genuinely interested in the best interests of baseball, he would try and convince baseball owners to institute a minimum team salary floor, which would guarantee all teams can remain competitive to a certain […]

Marvin Miller Stepped Up To The Plate During 1981 MLB Strike

NHLPA Don Fehr

    Having been elected to office the previous year, President Ronald Reagan made huge headlines in the summer of 1981 by terminating striking air traffic controllers and busting up their union.  There would be another major labor disruption that […]

Jeffrey Loria Gutting Of Miami Marlins Exposes Dangers Of Publicly Financed Stadiums

Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Artlington Texass

    Bad news and more bad news.  Which do you want to hear first? Okay, let’s start with the bad news.  Publicly financed stadiums are eating the taxpayer alive and transferring more money from the middle class into the […]

Jeffrey Loria And Bud Selig Have History Of Fishy Expeditions

Florida Marlins Baseball Stadium

    It is highly doubtful MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has ever lost any sleep worrying about his lasting legacy as the big fish of baseball.  His co-conspirator in the notorious Montreal Expos expungement, Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, is […]

Is Red Sox Owner John Henry Considering Selling The Team?


    Deep from the underground, there are whispers from New England that Boston Red Sox owner John Henry may be considering unloading the team.  This rumor comes just nine days after Henry closed down his Boca Raton, Florida investment firm, […]

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig Is Fit To Be Tied

Hank Aaron MLB Commissioner Bud Selig

    There are few bigger myths in professional sports than the one which states the league commissioner’s job is to protect the best interests of the game and its fans.  This is nothing more than a marketing slogan, a […]