Cincinnati Reds Finally Collapse to San Francisco Giants


The Cincinnati Reds finally succumbed to the pressure of trying to get a home playoff win Thursday and lost, decidedly, to the San Francisco Giants, 6-4. It really doesn’t matter how they lost.  There are several spots that cost them dearly.  […]

Cincinnati Reds Up Against the Wall Now

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The Cincinnati Reds didn’t show up for the game Wednesday evening; consequently, the Reds are now up against the wall with their first must win game of the NLDS series against the San Francisco Giants.  Dusty Baker put his junior-varsity on […]

Cincinnati Reds Give Away Win to San Francisco Giants


The Cincinnati Reds were in a very giving mood Tuesday evening as they chose the 10th inning to give a win to the down and out San Francisco Giants by the score of 2-1.  For the Reds, they blew the […]

Homer Bailey Can Close it Out for Cincinnati Reds Against San Francisco Giants

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The Cincinnati Reds played their best ball of the year over the weekend as they took a commanding 2-0 lead over the San Francisco Giants out in San Francisco.  Now they are back in Cincinnati and ready to complete the […]

Cincinnati Reds: Analysis of Playoff Win Over San Francisco Giants


I wrote, before the playoffs started, the reasons why the Cincinnati Reds would be successful (here) and wouldn’t be successful (here) in the NLDS against the San Francisco Giants.  You can read the full blog, but I boiled it down to […]

Cincinnati Reds: How They Won Game One Over San Francisco Giants

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Imagine you have played 162 games and secured the #2 seed on the National League playoffs.  Now imagine that even though you have the second best record in baseball, you have to travel across the country and play on the […]

MLB Rumors: Chase Headley to Leave San Diego Padres?


Few players generated more MLB rumors at the trade deadline time in the 2012 season than Chase Headley of the San Diego Padres.  He had a great year and was mentioned often in discussions for possible trades.  Alas, none of […]

MLB Playoffs: Cincinnati Reds vs. San Francisco Giants


Well, it’s over.  The very, very long baseball season is finished.  We have a Triple Crown winner, we have a new format for the  MLB playoffs, and we have a small market team winning the Central Division again.  That Central Division winner, […]

MLB Rumors: Alfonso Soriano To Leave Chicago Cubs

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MLB Rumors are kicking into gear on this, the last day of the season.  There are rumors already flying as to who will be traded, where will the free agents go, who will be the new manager, can they re-sign […]

Cincinnati Reds: Why They Will Win in the Postseason


I spent a painstaking blog writing about why the Cincinnati Reds will lose (hitting) in the postseason (here).  Now it’s time to be more positive and make the case as to why the Reds will win in the postseason.  To […]

Cincinnati Reds: Why They Won’t Win in the Postseason

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As the Cincinnati Reds prepare to start the playoffs for the second time in three years, there are indications that they will not be long for the playoffs.  If the Reds are to be a one and done proposition, the […]

Miguel Cabrera: The Detroit Tigers Should Sit Him

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As the 2012 season comes to a close, Miguel Cabrera is on pace to become the first Triple Crown winner since Carl Yastrzemski did it in 1967. As of today, he sits at a .329 BA (which is 4 points […]