Cincinnati Reds: What Seed Do You Want?

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Saturday night was a night of jubilant celebration for the Cincinnati Reds.  Not only was the city having a grand old time with Oktoberfest, but their beloved Reds had just clinched the division title after defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers […]

Cincinnati Reds Win Central Division

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The Cincinnati Reds (92-60) can add another title to their storied history, as they defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 6-0 Saturday afternoon and won the Central Division title for the second time in the last three years.  It was a […]

MLB Rumors: Ryan Ludwick to Stay with Cincinnati Reds

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Since the end of the season is fast approaching attention turns to two things in the baseball world – post-season playoffs and off-season contracts.  Well, the Cincinnati Reds will be doing both this year as they have just guaranteed themselves […]

Cincinnati Reds: More Various Musings and Pontifications

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In yesterday’s edition of my musings and pontifications, I looked at a few areas that intrigued me about the Cincinnati Reds.  Because I am such an intriguing kind of guy, a second edition of my ramblings became a necessity. -First […]

Cincinnati Reds: Various Musings

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It’s that time again.  Time for me to make some unconnected, random comments and observations regarding the Cincinnati Reds as the season starts its slow march to a close. Enjoy. -It sure is nice to have Joey Votto back in the […]

Homer Bailey Deserving #4 Status in Rotation

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The Cincinnati Reds have been very blessed this year with their starting pitching.  They have only used 6 starters so far this season (Todd Redmond started one game because it was a doubleheader). That is a rarity in the league.  […]

Chris Heisey Needs to Be An Everyday Player

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The Cincinnati Reds are having a banner year. They are just about to sew up their second divisional crown in the last three years. Of course, they are not perfect or without blemishes that will probably cost them dearly in […]

MLB Rumors: What is to Become of Ryan Madson?


The Cincinnati Reds signed Ryan Madson during the winter–when the Philadelphia Phillies signed Jonathan Papelbon as their closer–and gave him a one year contract worth $8.5M, making him the closer for the Reds. Madson was the guy during Spring Training. […]

Cincinnati Reds Move to Within 5 of Clinching


The Cincinnati Reds finally came through with a win in Miami on Sunday as they defeated the Miami Marlins 5-4 in 11 innings.  The win saved the Reds from being swept and moved the magic number for clinching the division […]

MLB Rumors: Johnny Cueto to be Shut Down?

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In a season in which the term “shut down” has been used more often than probably every other season put together, there are MLB Rumors starting that the Cincinnati Reds may be poised to shut down Johnny Cueto, if for […]

Cincinnati Reds Keep Falling to Another Lowly Team

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The Cincinnati Reds, coming off of a series sweep with the fast fading Pittsburgh Pirates, have reverted back to their recent ways of losing to teams that they just should be pounding.  The past two nights, the Reds were defeated, […]

MLB Rumors: Dusty Baker to be Hot Free Agent?

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The entire league knows that Dusty Baker, Cincinnati Reds’ manager, is in the final year of his contract.  The entire league knows also that Baker has not signed or even really discussed an extension to his contract with the Reds.  […]