Rafael Soriano signing with the Yankees

This is definitely something I was hoping would NOT happen. Rays have lost another key player. Pending a physical on Tuesday, Rafael Soriano signing a three year deal, with the Yankees worth $35M. Soriano’s contract claims he will make $10 […]

Soriano to the Yankees… As a set up man?

As I get word on Garza and the possible trade to the Cubs, I hear Soriano maybe considering being a setup man for the Yankees. “That door is open for a number of different reasons,” Soriano’s agent, Scott Boras, told […]

My Best Memory of the 2010 Rays “The Spirit of Soriano & Breast Cancer”


[picappgallerysingle id="9347848"] As I started to write this yesterday, it really made me think. What was THE best moment of  the 2010 Rays for me? The more I thought about it, it was a no brainier. There was a bunch […]

What are your “Best Rays Moments of 2010″

[picappgallerysingle id="9390379"] With only a few more day till we say goodbye to another year, I’d like to reflect on 2010 Rays moments! There are many reasons this past year was fantastic! I really thought 08′ couldn’t be matched. Something […]

Finally. Cliff Lee decides on Philly.


A deep breath for the Rays. Exactly a year ago the Phillies traded Cliff Lee. Tonight they got him back. Cliff Lee agrees to a contract with the Phillies for what seem to be a lot less than the Yankee’s […]

Carlos Pena and the Cubs

Carlos Pena

Free agent, Carlos Pena is said to be the Cubs next first baseman. Word is Pena and the Cubs agreed to a one-year $10 million deal, according to MLB.com, which first reported the two sides were close. The Cubs seem focused […]

Grant Balfour has declined Rays arbitration offer

Grant Balfour

Grant Balfour the right handed reliever for the Rays … well soon to be ex- right handed reliever, I should say, Has declined arbitration. I assumed I would hear my favorite Aussie was going to accept. Being so sure of this, I never […]

Arbitration. The waiting game.


In hearing the words:  “Carl Crawford was offered arbitration”… Was that just a tease or is it promising? What can we expect? So, looks like The Rays offered arbitration to seven of the nine Type A and Type B free […]

It’s not so bad. Is it?


We all know that overused statement “If you love something set it free… yada, yada, yada…? Well I think of the Rays and my feelings of post season blues relate to this cliché. We love you and we’re setting you […]