Pittsburgh Pirates: Marlon Byrd Will Play A Key Role In 2013 LDS

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There can be no question that the August trade that sent Marlon Byrd from the New York Mets to the Pittsburgh Pirates has help the Bucs. In Tuesday night’s NL Wild Card game in Pittsburgh against the Cincinnati Reds, he took a Johnny Cueto slider and hit it out a […]

Washington Nationals: Despite Reports, Manager’s Job Is Still Wide Open

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According to CBS Sports and my colleague Brian Skinnell the Washington Nationals have narrowed down their search to replace retired manager Davey Johnson. The two names mentioned by CBS and Skinnell are Nationals bench coach Randy Knorr and Matt Williams who […]

Pittsburgh Pirates: “The Burg” Has Always Been A Baseball Town

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Tonight when the Pittsburgh Pirates host the Cincinnati Reds in the NL Wild Card game you can bet that PNC Park will be rocking. It is the first time since 1992 that the Bucs are playing in the postseason, and […]

Should Washington Nationals’ Former Manager Davey Johnson Skip Spring Training In 2014?

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Washington Nationals skipper Davey Johnson has managed his last game. He will clean out his office today at Nationals Park and then head for a much-needed vacation. He is willing to offer any help that Washington might want or need from him […]

Will Game 163 Between Tampa Bay Rays And Texas Rangers Be A Classic?

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Tonight in Arlington, Texas, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers will play a game 163 with the winner advancing to play in the AL Wild Card game against the Cleveland Indianson Wednesday. A full season of 162 games simply was not enough to […]

Campaigns For Washington Nationals’ Managerial Candidates Begin; Who’s Ahead?

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The Washington Nationals‘ season ends today, and the search for the replacement for retiring manager Davey Johnson will likely start as soon as Monday. So the quest for the next manager has already started, and it is what GM Mike […]

Tampa Bay Rays Giving What MLB Wanted When They Added Second Wild Card

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If you are a fan of the Tampa Bay Rays today, then you are a big fan of the second MLB Wild Card slot. Today on this the 162 and final game of the 2013 season, the Rays must beat the Toronto Blue […]

Washington Nationals Rumors: Dave Martinez Is A Real Possibility For Managerial Job

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The Washington Nationals are about to go into manager search mode very soon. The retiring Davey Johnson is riding off into the sunset and leaving behind the keys to Rolls Royce. The next manager in Washington will be getting a winning […]

Washington Nationals: Sometimes People Forget How Young They Really Are

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When talking about the Washington Nationals, there is a tendency to look at the team and wonder, “what went wrong this season? Why was this team that won 98 games en route to the NL East crown not even in […]

Tampa Bay Rays: David DeJesus A Key Addition That Is Paying Off

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The Tampa Bay Rays can send a thank you card to the Washington Nationals for sending them the 33-year old David DeJesus at just the right time. Since coming to the Rays from the Nationals, DeJesus has been a very valuable addition. He has […]

Washington Nationals’ Davey Johnson Deserves To Be Sent Out A Winner

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As the Washington Nationals get ready to end the 2013 season this weekend in Phoenix against the Arizona Diamondbacks, they have one last thing to accomplish: these are the last three games before manager Davey Johnson retires, and his team wants […]

Washington Nationals: The Lerners Will Make The Choice Of Who Replaces Davey Johnson

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The Washington Nationals‘ biggest decision of the offseason will be their choice of who replaces retiring manager Davey Johnson. Principal owners Mark and his father Ted Lerner will have the final say on who takes Johnson’s place in the Nationals dugout […]