Houston Astros Have Seemingly Solved Power-Hitting Issues

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Don’t look now, but the Houston Astros sit in first in the power-happy American League with nine home runs. Now obviously this is due in large part to the five they knocked out in their last game, but still, as it […]

Houston Astros’ Robbie Grossman Continuing to Prove How Valuable He Is

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On a team like the Houston Astros, where superstars are few and far between, you’d think it’d be hard to overlook the kind of numbers that Robbie Grossman has put up. Now, by no means is he a superstar, at […]

Alex Presley a Sneaky Pickup by Houston Astros’ to Add Needed Depth

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It’s been said many times, perhaps too many times, but the concept of competition being key for the Houston Astros is continually proving to be effective, and they’ve played right into that strategy with their latest addition. Alex Presley isn’t […]

Houston Astros Spring Training Full of Prospect Letdowns

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When the Houston Astros came into Spring Training overflowing with confidence and anticipation, few could have envisioned that their two most “MLB-ready” prospects would end up waddling away to the minor leagues with very little impact made on their pro-ball […]

Lucas Harrell Still Has Huge Hill to Climb to Prove He Belongs in Houston Astros’ Rotation

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When it was announced that Lucas Harrell would start in the Houston Astros‘ Spring Training opener, I made mention that he had a huge hill to climb to work his way back into starting rotation contention. Well, for all intents […]

Houston Astros Stressing Out Over Continued Void At First Base

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This one was pretty easy to see coming. The Houston Astros spent very little of their offseason resources on filling the void at first base. They instead chose the sleeper pick of Jesus Guzman, who has been nothing short of […]

Houston Astros’ Jarred Cosart’s Perfect Outting Proof of Potential

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Few can forget Jarred Cosart‘s MLB debut for the Houston Astros. On July 12, Cosart took a no-hitter into the eighth inning against the playoff-bound Tampa Bay Rays. Although he was unable to secure his place in history, he did finish the game […]

George Springer’s Rumored Declined Contract Brings Drama To Houston Astros

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Last year, the Houston Astros made it pretty clear that it was about the time that new contracts would be rolling around to protect the players that they wanted to build for the future with. The first piece of that […]

Houston Astros’ New-Found Plate Discipline the Most Welcome Sign of All

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One thing about last year’s Houston Astros was that they swung early, often and missed frequently. So far in Spring Training, which they have put up a nasty 31 strikeouts, that kind of thing is to be assumed with such […]

Houston Astros’ Dark Horse Starters Making Biggest Statements in Spring Training

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The Houston Astros have made it very clear that nothing is assured, position-wise, going into Spring Training. No player should feel comfortable just because he put up a good 2013. That being the case, it’s quite clear that the message […]

Scott Feldman Acquisition Enforces Houston Astros’ Win-Now Scheme

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When the Houston Astros acquired Scott Feldman this offseason, they made a stance that they weren’t going to be a team like the Pittsburgh Pirates of years ago that just shoveled in prospects, developed them and shoveled them back out for more […]

Houston Astros’ Unwillingness to Trade Jason Castro a Fantastic Sign

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It was a big worry when Jason Castro neared his arbitration with the Houston Astros this off season. That big worry was not at all put to rest when they extended a one-year deal to avoid arbitration. Rumors began circulating […]