Houston Astros’ Atrocious 9th Inning Pitching Continues

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When the game is tied 5-5 going into the ninth inning, very few would predict a 12-5 loss. But for the Houston Astros, it’s really not that surprising. The most startling part about all of this is that the Astros […]

Houston Astros’ Jonathan Villar Showing Decent Progress

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It’s really hard to evaluate a lot of the Houston Astros‘ offensive tools because the entire offense is sputtering right now. That being said, some players are showing some excellent progress. One such case is Jonathan Villar, whose main skill […]

Houston Astros’ Minor League Tandem Rotation Doing More Harm Than Good

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Well, this didn’t go as planned. With the huge stockpile of pitching prospects the Houston Astros have accumulated over the last few years, it became apparent that there were not enough rotation spots on all their minor league teams to […]

Has Robbie Grossman Already Earned Another Call-Up For Houston Astros?

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This is probably the only situation where you can say this, but let’s hope this plays out like last year for the Houston Astros. Robbie Grossman was sent down after starting the year off hitting .125. Since being sent down, […]

Houston Astros’ 5 Biggest Disappointments So Far This Season

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Houston Astros’ Top 5 Performers So Far This Season

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Houston Astros Miss Out On Much-Needed Sweep of Seattle Mariners

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The Houston Astros were riding one heck of a funk, gathered their footing and were about to knock out a pretty substantial sweep when their bullpen stepped in and said “nuh uh.” Maybe […]

Scott Feldman’s Move To DL Makes Houston Astros’ Rotation Vulnerable

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Scott Feldman was leading the majors in ERA until his most recent start. But even after that start, he’s still rocking a 2-1 record with a 1.69 ERA and only 16 hits in 26.2 innings. That sort of success was […]

Collin McHugh Given Chance To Prove He Belongs In MLB With Houston Astros

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The Houston Astros are known for giving anyone a chance at any time. They tend to favor former high-round draft picks for obvious reasons, as they were clearly full of potential at one point in time, so perhaps they can find the […]

J.D. Martinez: Another Player To Thrive After Leaving Houston Astros

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It’s really a disturbing trend. The Houston Astros are rebuilding, as they have been for the past five years. In order to rebuild, they need to properly evaluate talent so they can be sure who is major league worthy and who […]

Houston Astros: Manager Bo Porter’s Continuted Faith In Chris Carter Is Disturbing

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The Houston Astros have been in the situation the past couple years where they could give guys extended opportunities to prove that they were major league worthy. It was rebuilding time, and with a lot of the young, unproven talent […]

Houston Astros’ Offense Completely Dead At All The Wrong Times

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It’s no secret that the Houston Astros are incredibly feeble in just about every single offensive category save home runs. This is why George Springer was brought up. But aside from them being completely awful at hitting the ball in […]