A Season-Ending Silver Lining for the A’s

Call me a cock-eyed optimist. Or just call me someone who is tired of getting down on my team but after a nice final game from Gio Gonzalez, I have to say, I have found the silver lining in an […]

A’s Roster: Out With the Old…

Does anyone care that the A’s won tonight against the Angels? I kind of do too but it’s not like it means anything. The A’s are mathematically eliminated and the whole idea of a team being a “spoiler” is just […]

A’s Trade Conor Jackson – My Heart Weeps… Wait, Who’s Conor Jackson?

When I heard the news that the Oakland Athletics traded outfielder Conor Jackson to the Boston Redsox for minor league reliever, Jason Rice, I almost cared. But in the end, the news was almost as irrelevant as when the A’s […]

Yankees Slam the Oakland A’s

Yankees Slam A’s Wow – that’s about all I can say… wow. When you give up one grand slam – that’s bad. When you give up two – that’s crazy. But when you give up three – apparently that’s historic. […]

A’s Are Changing Their Second Half Identity… Again

Like so many other years, last year’s Oakland A’s team was built for the AL West crown. They had a couple of young pitchers in Gio Gonzalez and Brett Anderson anchoring a veteran rotation that included former All-Star Justin Ducscherer, […]

Is Hideki Matsui Playing Himself Into Trade Bait

Hideki Matsui is lighting it up since the All-Star break. While for the A’s, this is a case of too little, too late, he may be playing himself into a real trade option. For the A’s, this would be a […]

Are the Pirates Pursuing A’s Hitters?

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a half game out of first place in the NL Central. No, Bobby Bonilla and Andy Van Slyke are not donning the black and yellow still… The Oakland Athletics are 13 games out of first place […]

Brett Anderson and the Dreaded Two Words… Tommy John

He is one of the leaders of the Oakland A’s pitching staff. He just signed a multi-year extension. He is the face of the new-look, pitching-heavy A’s. But most significant is that Brett Anderson is now out for up to […]

Moscoso is Venezuelan for…

Isn’t it crazy how the hottest pitcher on the A’s (arguably) is a guy whose name I have to speak slowly to pronounce – Guillermo Moscoso. Did I get that right? Well, Moscoso is getting it right. He sure got […]

A Look at How The Demoted A’s Are Faring

Baseball, like any other job, actually places value on performing to the level at which you are being paid. In the cases of a few Oakland Athletics, they were not playing up to that level. Like other jobs where you […]

Oakland A’s Announce July 17 Bobblehead… MC Hammer

Perhaps the A’s have run out of former players to enshrine with a bobblehead. Maybe July 17 was going to be Mark Ellis bobblehead day. Whatever the reason, the July 17 game against the Angels will be recognized as the […]

Will the A’s be Buyers or Sellers at the Trade Deadline?

Today, the A’s sit at 35-44 and are in last place in the AL West. They are 6 games behind first place Texas and have seen some improvement since Bob Melvin took over for Bob Geren. With a little over […]