Detroit Tigers Should Pull the Trigger on a Long-Term Deal For Max Scherzer

Max Scherzer Detroit Tigers

I know it’s going to sound like I’m beating a dead horse ranting about how good Detroit Tigers’ starting pitcher Max Scherzer is, but I’m going to do it anyway. Plus, I’m excellent at beating a dead horse, ask anyone […]

Jim Leyland Wants to See His Closer Options

Bruce Rondon Detroit Tigers

Like a network executive at TNT, Detroit Tigers’ manager Jim Leyland wants to see his options when it comes to the closer this season. TNT knows drama, but hopefully Leyland’s closer choice will result in the Tigers being quite unfamiliar […]

Miguel Cabrera is Still Hungry

Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers’ third baseman Miguel Cabrera arrived to Spring Training on Friday morning, and there was much rejoice. I don’t mean to marginalize any of the other Tigers, they’re going to need all of them to make a run at […]

Jim Leyland Oddly Concerned About Jose Valverde

Jose Valverde Jim Leyland Detroit Tigers

It’s comes across as odd when a hard-nosed manager shows compassion for a former subordinate who went out underperforming. It’s like hearing a professional wrestler quote an article from Glamour, watching James Bond cook an apple turnover, or witnessing a […]

Is Victor Martinez Ready?

Victor Martinez Detroit Tigers

What do we make of a player coming off a long-term stint being injured? In the last 14 months we have witnessed Adrian Peterson return eight months after tearing his ACL and MCL to rush for 2,097 yards while winning […]

Detroit Tigers Fans, The First Day of Spring Training is Here

Justin Verlander Detroit Tigers

It’s here. It’s finally here. We’ve had to wait 107 days since we last saw our Detroit Tigers take the field, but now they’re back and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been a tough hiatus. We’ve had to suffer through […]

Justin Verlander Tees Off at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Justin Verlander Detroit Tigers

Generally, when we think of athletes performing off the field we think of a lot of awful acting cameos (e.g. Kazaam, Space Jam, most episodes of Entourage), some weird commercials, and excessive collections of mumblings that said athletes try to […]

Detroit Tigers, Dave Dombrowski Still Undecided About Fifth Starter

Dave Dombrowski Detroit Tigers

While appearing at a luncheon put on by the Detroit Sports Broadcasters’ Association today, Detroit Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski was asked about who would take the fifth spot in the Tigers’ 2013 rotation. Calmly, yet emphatically, Dombrowski peered into the […]

Detroit Tigers Fans Shouldn’t Forget About Torii Hunter

Torii Hunter Los Angeles Angels Detroit Tigers

It’s eerie how little people have talked about Torii Hunter joining the Detroit Tigers this past off-season. It’s like when your uncle goes to jail—it’s a big deal, but no one wants to discuss it.  The lack of discourse on […]

He’s Worth It: Detroit Tigers Avoid Arbitration with Max Scherzer

Max Scherzer Alex Avila Detroit Tigers

Imagine you’re calling a plumber this morning to unclog your toilet.  Say, oh, I don’t know, you were hosting a Super Bowl party, maybe you were a little drunk, and when your garbage disposal stopped working you just started flushing […]

Alex Avila’s Knees A Wildcard for the Detroit Tigers

Alex Avila Detroit Tigers

Asserting through alliteration, Alex Avila’s knees could abate his availability and adversely affect, though likely not arrest, the aerial assault the accomplished 2013 Detroit Tigers‘ batting lineup is aiming on unleashing on the American League. No doubt, everyone in Detroit […]

Justin Verlander, Don’t Waste Your Time With The WBC

Justin Verlander Detroit Tigers

The World Baseball Classic: a deep-rooted tradition of the planet dating back to the ancient time when a not-so-dead Amy Winehouse was tearing up the charts, an archaic era when we hadn’t yet found out how Lost, the Harry Potter […]