Oakland Athletics Make Shrewd Move To Bring Back Kurt Suzuki

Kurt Suzuki

It has been reported that the Oakland Athletics have reacquired Kurt Suzuki from the Washington Nationals. The catcher told Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle that he was “pumped” but also “shocked.”  The latter word is the same one […]

Are Slumping Oakland Athletics in Trouble?

Coco Crisp Rounding Second

On the heels of a pair of ugly losses to the Seattle Mariners, the Oakland Athletics are now set to embark on one of the most challenging road trips of the 2013 season. The Athletics finished the underwhelming homestand 4-5, […]

Oakland Athletics: Is Jarrod Parker Stepping Up to Become Club’s Ace?

Jarrod Parker

Against the Seattle Mariners on Monday night, Jarrod Parker grabbed his first complete game for the Oakland Athletics  in his MLB career as he improved to 9-6 with a 3.71 ERA on the season. The most impressive scene came in […]

MLB’s Handling Of Ryan Braun And Miguel Tejada Doesn’t Add Up

Miguel Tejada

Buster Olney of ESPN has reported that Ryan Braun reached out to veteran players around MLB to rally support as he was appealing his drug ban in 2011. The left fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers reportedly smeared the urine sample […]

Oakland Athletics: What Happened to Hiroyuki Nakajima?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, the Oakland Athletics took the seemingly excessive step of removing Hiroyuki Nakajima from the 40-man roster. That’s the same Nakajima who joked that he had signed with Oakland because GM Billy Beane was “extremely cool and sexy.” The Japanese league veteran and three-time Gold […]

Miguel Tejada’s 105-Game Suspension Could Be Career Ending

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Reports are coming in that Miguel Tejada has been handed a 105-game ban by MLB.The 2002 AL MVP tested positive for adderall twice within a month, and his suspension will be the third longest non-lifetime penalty in league history. Tejada […]

Oakland Athletics: Should Club Have Kept Jonny Gomes?

Jonny Gomes

Last Monday, as the Oakland Athletics wrapped up their four-game set with the Toronto Blue Jays, Jonny Gomes, a key member of the 2012 Al West winning club, was sitting directly behind home plate at the Rogers Centre. The veteran […]

Alex Rodriguez Was Right to Allegedly Sell Out Ryan Braun

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY Sports has reported that Alex Rodriguez allegedly purchased documents in hopes of foiling MLB‘s Biogenesis investigation. Rodriguez, who is currently appealing a 211-game ban, also reportedly used those documents to implicate Francisco Cervelli, his teammate with […]

Oakland Athletics: 5 Bats to Consider On Waiver Wire

Oakland Athletics Waiver Wire Slide Show

Oakland Athletics: With Coco Crisp Out, What to do With Center Field?

Chris Young

In 2013, Chris Young has been expensive bust. As a reserve, though, Young’s struggles have been more annoying than detrimental to the success of the Oakland Athletics. However, as Coco Crisp remains sidelined with a sore right wrist, which has […]

Oakland Athletics: Is it Time to Adjust Expectations for Bartolo Colon?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

“Bartolo Colon looks old.” These were the words spoken by Shooty Babitt, an analyst on the pre and post game TV broadcast for the Oakland Athletics, and a scout for the New York Mets. On Tuesday night, as Colon labored […]

Oakland Athletics: “Funnyballer” Sean Doolittle Strikes Again

Sean Doolittle Writer of Words

As soon as I found out that Sean Doolittle, setup man for the Oakland Athletics, was filling in for Buster Olney on his blog, I immediately signed up for an ESPN Insider account. The Twitter funny man (@whatwouldDoodo) didn’t disappoint. […]