Ivan Nova Has Proven His Value to the New York Yankees

Ivan Nova

I’ll admit it. Ivan Nova hasn’t exactly been consistent this year for the New York Yankees. He’s been on and off, and he’s spent a good deal of time on the DL. But when he’s healthy, he’s on. Tonight’s game […]

Ichiro Suzuki Has Been Resurgent for New York Yankees

Ichiro Suzuki

After he ended the month of May with a paltry .257 batting average, I thought Ichiro Suzuki’s days in pinstripes were numbered. Luckily, I was wrong. Ichiro has been one of the New York Yankees‘ most consistent hitters of late, […]

New York Yankees Could End First Half on Positive Note

New York Yankees

After a month of June filled with struggles and disappointments, the New York Yankees have a chance to end their first half with a few much needed wins. The Yankees began the day six games behind the Boston Red Sox […]

New York Yankees’ Robinson Cano is the Best Second Baseman in Baseball

Robinson Cano

I remember the first game Robinson Cano ever played for the New York Yankees. It was a May night at Tropicana Field against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He batted ninth then, and I remember thinking this new second baseman had a sweet swing. […]

New York Yankees Should Pursue Yovani Gallardo

Yovani Gallardo

The New York Yankees have had their share of problems this year. Many of their best players have made trips to the DL at least a few times over the course of the season, and we’re only halfway through. What’s […]

Joe Girardi Making Mistake With New York Yankees Lineup

Travis Hafner

Manager Joe Girardi has done an excellent job with the New York Yankees this season. He’s found a way to milk wins out of a roster that has been decimated by injuries, and the Yankees were at the top of the division for a […]

New York Yankees Could Make Second-Half Push

Derek Jeter

Yes, the New York Yankees have looked just terrible lately. They’ve lost seven of their last 10 games, and their offense has looked absolutely atrocious. Worst of all, they are now tied for third in the AL East with the Tampa Bay Rays, […]

New York Yankees’ Hiroki Kuroda Needs To Stop Bleeding Against Baltimore Orioles

Hiroki Kuroda

It’s no secret that the New York Yankees have been struggling of late. New York has lost seven of its last 10, including an 11-3 shellacking earlier today at the hands of the Baltimore Orioles. Put simply, the Orioles’ hitters […]

Baltimore Orioles A Threat To New York Yankees’ Playoff Chances

Chris Davis

The New York Yankees are in trouble. Lately they can’t hit, they can’t stay healthy, and they can’t win. To make matters worse, they’re stuck in third place in the AL East standings; five games behind the Boston Red Sox and three behind … […]

Derek Jeter Should Hit Third for New York Yankees

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter has usually hit first or second for the New York Yankees. He’s perfect for those spots, complete with speed, power to the opposite field and a Hall-of-Fame contact stroke. But what the Yankees need right now is not a leadoff […]

New York Yankees Need Alex Rodriguez Back

Alex Rodriguez

Much as it might pain Brian Cashman to admit it, the New York Yankees need Alex Rodriguez back. Badly. The Yankees have been playing just terribly as of late, and it’s mainly because they can’t score runs. They’ve lost their last three games by an average […]

Ivan Nova Should Be A Starter for the New York Yankees

Ivan Nova

The New York Yankees need starting pitchers. CC Sabathia hasn’t been at his best this year, Andy Pettitte has been on and off and Phil Hughes has been downright terrible. Hiroki Kuroda is the only starter who’s had any sort of […]