Sabermetrics Prove that Tampa Bay Rays Will Have Postseason Success

Ben Zobrist

For a small market team like the Tampa Bay Rays, there really was no option but to embrace sabermetrics. Just like the Oakland Athletics‘ ”Moneyball” situation, the Rays have the disadvantage of being a small market team that has to compete […]

Cincinnati Reds: 5 Stats That Will Lead To A World Series Championship

Cincinnati Reds

Winning a World Series Would Mean Everything For The Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers

It wasn’t that long ago that the Texas Rangers were at the top of the AL. Behind Ron Washington, they won back-to-back pennants in 2010 and 2011 and reached the World Series both years as well. And while the opposing […]

NL ROY 2013: Yasiel Puig vs. Jose Fernandez Debate Shows Need For Rookie Pitching Award

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to the NL Rookie of the Year for 2013, the options are really down to two candidates. The first is Yasiel Puig, the polarizing star that almost single-handedly brought the Los Angeles Dodgers to the playoffs, and […]

Philadelphia Phillies Rumors: Larry Bowa’s Hiring Would Be Less About the Coaching Staff and More About Jimmy Rollins

Larry Bowa

One of the more intriguing rumors that has been surrounding the Philadelphia Phillies as of late is regarding who will and who won’t be on the coaching staff in 2014. And now that the interim tag has officially been removed […]

Philadelphia Phillies: Cliff Lee’s High Level of Pitching is Vital to Keeping the Window Open in 2014

cliff lee

The Philadelphia Phillies had the option to trade Cliff Lee this year but they didn’t. And while the “sell high” mentality could have taken over, the Phillies chose to keep Lee. Considering the role he looks to play on the […]

Washington Nationals Put Philadelphia Phillies to Shame With How they Honored Davey Johnson’s Retirement

Davey Johnson

On the same day that the Philadelphia Phillies announced that Ryne Sandberg would be returning on a full-time basis next year, the Washington Nationals bid goodbye to Davey Johnson in an appropriate, fitting and really beautiful tribute. In short, what […]

NL Central Standings: You Do Not Want to Miss the Final Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds Series

Reds vs Pirates

When the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds met for a three-game series near the end of September, it certainly did not disappoint and proved to be must-watch television. And when they do it again in a series that will end […]

2013 NL MVP: Paul Goldshmidt’s Shining Year Will Be Overlooked Because Arizona Diamondbacks Didn’t Make Playoffs

Paul Goldschmidt

Make no mistake; if numbers were the only important factor in deciding the 2013 NL MVP, Paul Goldschmidt would be the hands-down, odds-on favorite to take home the trophy. As it is though, Goldschmidt is of the very real disadvantage that his team, the Arizona […]

2013 NL MVP: Without Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves Never Would Have Won NL East

Freddie Freeman

Without Freddie Freeman, the Atlanta Braves never would have won the NL East and they may not have even made the postseason either. While his resume is no doubt impressive, no other player has made as big an impact on […]

Philadelphia Phillies Can Only Benefit From Motivation That Sub-.500 Season Provides


The Philadelphia Phillies need to win 11 games to finish the season with a .500 record. They have 13 remaining. While there is still an outside, one-in-a-million shot that the Phillies will finish with a .500 record, the city is […]

Philadelphia Phillies: Interleague “Connie Mack” Series with Oakland Athletics Needs to Happen Every Year

Oakland Athletics

For the first time since 2011, the Philadelphia Phillies will once again welcome the Oakland Athletics, the team that used to be their not-so-crosstown rivals, into Citizen’s Bank Park for a three-game series in September of 2014. The only problem […]