Ace f/x: Dan Haren

April is almost over, and one thing I’ve noticed so far is that some starting pitching aces have struggled. Let’s break down one such pitcher using pitch f/x data. Dan Haren Haren is one of the best starting pitchers in […]

In Milton Bradley’s Defense…

I’m going to start this article by saying that I don’t condone some of the comments Milton Bradley has said towards the Cubs or Cubs fans. However, he does have a point with some of the things he has done […]

Division Realignment

Anyone who has followed baseball at all in the past decade probably knows about the growing disparity between the finances of the richest teams and the of the poorest teams. This problem is easily seen in the American League East, […]

Barometer In Seattle

In the past 20 years, statistical analysis of baseball has been progressing at a fast pace. Bill James published his Baseball Abstracts starting in 1977 and ever since then, Sabermetrics has taken off. Back then, James relied on a calculator […]

Howard For Pujols

Okay, so if you haven’t heard, there is a rumor from an “inside” source in the Phillies organization that there have been front office talks about trying to trade Ryan Howard for Albert Pujols. These talks are rumored to only […]

Yankees Vs. Red Sox: Who Is the Team to Beat?

In 2009, the Yankees and Red Sox reached the playoffs for the 9th and 6th time, respectively, since 2000. This year is shaping up to be very similar, leaving the Rays, Blue Jays, and Orioles on the outside looking in. […]

Fifth Starter Battles

All across baseball there are teams with undecided fifth starters. I’m going to give a rundown of the battles to keep an eye on. Los Angeles Dodgers Last year’s NL West champs have a bunch of guys fighting for a […]

How Does Felipe Lopez Fit?

Last week, the Cardinals finally signed Felipe Lopez to a 1 year deal worth 2.2 Million dollars if he achieves all of the required incentives. This move is a logical, if unspectacular one for the Cards who now have a […]

Mock Draft Madness: Rounds 1-10

One of the keys to filling a good roster on draft day is participating in mock drafts. They will help you figure out exactly what kind of lists you’ll want to have in order to effectively draft the players you […]

Fantasy Baseball Planning Part II

Last week, I posted Fantasy Baseball Planning Part I, where I laid out some of the tools and methods to use for a fantasy draft. In Part II, I’m going to go a little more in depth. Positional Scarcity If […]

The Right Call

So, I was watching Baseball Tonight a few days ago, and the analysts were discussing something very interesting: technology. Now, I’m going to preface this by saying I generally don’t like Baseball Tonight or ESPN’s baseball coverage in general very […]

Fluke or Fact: Adam Wainwright

Adam Wainwright had an amazing 2009 campaign, posting a 19-8 record and a 2.63 ERA. His peripheral stats were also outstanding. He had an 8.19 K/9, and a 2.55 BB/9 along with a fantastic 1.21 WHIP.  His sabermetric DIPS statistics […]