Cold, Hard Numbers Show Philadelphia Phillies Must Get Rid of Ryan Howard

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Of all the wonderful Sabermetric numbers, my favorite has always been wins above replacement (WAR). The Philadelphia Phillies, if they haven’t already, need to figure out what to do with Ryan Howard the day after the season ends and—if they […]

One Great MLB Rule Change Would Eliminate Need For Home Plate Umpire


It’s a cry as old as the game itself: “Kill the umpire.” No sane person takes it literally because it’s just a figure of speech, but getting rid the home plate umpire is as good a way of improving the […]

Philadelphia Phillies Should Focus on Spending Some TV Money on Cuban OF Yasmani Tomas

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One look at Citizens Bank Park on Saturday night during the Philadelphia Phillies’ game with the visiting St. Louis Cardinals pretty much told the story of this offseason. The blue empty seats far outnumbered the occupied ones and, for that […]

Philadelphia Phillies’ A.J. Burnett Might Be Worst Offseason Acquisition

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If A.J. Burnett was a pair of shoes instead of a right-handed pitcher, the Philadelphia Phillies would have returned him a long time ago. Sadly, that doesn’t work for bad signings. He has not been a good fit and he […]

Batting Title for Philadelphia Phillies’ Ben Revere Would Be Misleading

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Thumb through the batting leaders in the back pages of any newspaper in America and Ben Revere’s name appears No. 3. If the Philadelphia Phillies centerfielder wins the batting title, it will probably be the most meaningless accomplishment in the history of […]

Philadelphia Phillies May Have Long-Term Replacement For Chase Utley in Jesmuel Valentin

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If the Philadelphia Phillies did anything in the Roberto Hernandez trade, it could be something as important as finding Chase Utley‘s  long-term replacement. Jesmuel Valentin is a name most baseball fans recognize, at least the surname, as he was the […]

Philadelphia Phillies Need To See More of Ryne Sandberg, But Under New GM

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It’s been one year and two days since Ryne Sandberg was hired to replace Charlie Manuel as manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, and in that time, Manuel was enshrined on the Phillies Wall of Fame. There are no plans for […]

Philadelphia Phillies Could Learn a Lot About Fundamentals from Philadelphia Little League Team

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Chances are, the Philadelphia Little League World Series’ entry, the Taney Dragons, will have a play or two in the championship round at Williamsport where there’s a pop fly in the infield and either the first or second baseman take […]

Philadelphia Phillies Should Go to Youth Movement for Season’s Final Six Weeks

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Today’s sobering baseball thought is that even if the Philadelphia Phillies won an all-sports record 41 straight games, they would finish with 94 wins. That’s short of the 97 games won by the 1993 Phillies, which was the third-best in […]

Philadelphia Phillies Claiming Jerome Williams Proves Approach is All Wrong

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After Philadelphia Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. spent much of July with a phone attached to his ear and eventually doing nothing in the way of making trades, fans were interested to see what he could do after the MLB […]

Philadelphia Phillies Should Target Red Sox Prospect Garin Cecchini in Exchange for Cole Hamels

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The latest Philadelphia Phillies’ rumor that appears to have some legs is that the team has dispatched scouts to both top Boston Red Sox farm teams in anticipation of making a deal for Cole Hamels. It does not take more […]

Philadelphia Phillies’ Cole Hamels Must Demand Trade in Offseason

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When the Philadelphia Phillies were involved in discussions for potential trades before the MLB trade deadline, one of the suitors for pitcher Cole Hamels was the Los Angeles Dodgers. Because the Phillies were demanding three of the top four Dodgers’ […]