Tony Gwynn Could Be Answer For Anemic Philadelphia Phillies’ Offense

Tony Gwynn Jr., Philadelphia Phillies,

For the better part of the six months between the last real game of 2013 and the first real game of this year, fans of the Philadelphia Phillies complained that there would be no new big names in the everyday […]

Philadelphia Phillies’ Manager Ryne Sandberg Right to Sit Jimmy Rollins

Jimmy Rollins, Ryne Sandberg, Philadelphia Phillies,

When Philadelphia Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg thinks of Jimmy Rollins these days, two words immediately come to mind. “No comment” was the quote Sandberg said when asked about Rollins recently. Never have two words said so much. The other day […]

Ichiro Suzuki Trade Rumor to Philadelphia Phillies Makes No Sense

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 21: Ichiro Suzuki #51 of the Seattle Mariners prepares for batting practice before taking on the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park on June 21, 2011 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Phillies have been this road before too many times, and it leads to nowhere. They need not go down the same road with Ichiro Suzuki of the New York Yankees, who was the subject of a rumored trade with […]

Philadelphia Phillies’ Excitement Over Jeff Manship Illustrates Team’s Sorry State

jeff manship

After watching Jeff Manship pitch well again on Sunday, Ryne Sandberg used the team “lights out” to describe his latest performance. In a spring where the Philadelphia Phillies have won just twice, a manager getting excited over a pitcher who […]

Cole Hamels’ Latest Setback is a Sore Subject for Philadelphia Phillies

Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies, setback, fatigue,

Fans of the Philadelphia Phillies have heard this word before and will probably hear it again: Setback. Pitcher Cole Hamels suffered a “setback” when his scheduled throwing session on Thursday was canceled because of what he described as a “fatigued […]

In Battle Of Free Agent Pitchers, Philadelphia Phillies Learned You Get What You Pay For

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez, Philadelphia Phillies, pitcher,

If the Philadelphia Phillies had one discernible strategy in the offseason, it was to go cheap. The organization counted its pennies with every signing, even negotiating $12 million off a contract it signed with Cuba free agent pitcher Miguel Alfredo […]

Philadelphia Phillies Were Right To Blow Whistle On NCAA Pitcher Ben Wetzler

Ben Wetzler, Oregon State, Philadelphia Phillies, NCAA, agent,

When the Philadelphia Phillies called out Oregon State pitcher Ben Wetzler for having an agent and returning to the NCAA after the team drafted him, it caused a backlash. The team was blasted for “snitching” even though what Wetzler and other […]

Cliff Lee’s Comments About Philadelphia Phillies Getting Better Were Not Encouraging

Cliff Lee, Philadelphia Phillies, trade rumors,

When the Philadelphia Phillies gathered around during a rain delay Wednesday on the opening day of practice, a few reporters approached Cliff Lee and asked him if the team has improved enough. Lee took a long breath before answering. “I […]

Philadelphia Phillies’ New Broadcasting Crew a Classic Case of Addition By Subtraction

Adam Eaton, Charlie Manuel, Chris Wheeler

One of the classic photos from the 2007 clinching celebration of the Philadelphia Phillies winning the NL East has pitcher Adam Eaton and broadcaster Chris Wheeler celebrating with manager Charlie Manuel. The photo above featured one beloved figure, Manuel, and […]

5 Players Who Won’t Make Philadelphia Phillies’ 2014 Opening Day Roster


Ryne Sandberg’s Management Style Is Worth A Few Extra Wins For Philadelphia Phillies

Ryne Sandberg, Philadelphia Phillies, manager,

No one really know how many games a baseball manager can win or lose over the strategic moves he makes during a game. It’s one of the reasons why baseball is such a great game, and particularly in the NL where […]

By Any Name, The Philadelphia Phillies Cannot Expect Much From Roberto Hernandez

Roberto Hernandez, Philadelphia Phillies,

The question marks for Roberto Hernandez began as early as lying about the date of his birth certificate. Born as Fausto Carmona, he was arrested in January of 2012 for using a false identity to gain a U.S. Work Visa. […]