Former Philadelphia Phillies 1st-Round Pick Jesse Biddle Appears To Be A Bust

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A few days before Jesse Biddle was picked as a first-round draft choice of the Philadelphia Phillies, he took the mound in a non-league game in the suburbs of Philadelphia against a high school team called Germantown Academy. Biddle, representing […]

Philadelphia Phillies’ Hit Record Deserves No More Than Polite Applause For Jimmy Rollins

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Going strictly by the law of averages, Jimmy Rollins will become the all-time leader in hits for the Philadelphia Phillies today. Rollins has become no better than a .250-type hitter over the last four seasons, so he should get one […]

Masahiro Tanaka Story a Perfect Example of Why Philadelphia Phillies Need a Single Owner

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The Philadelphia Phillies were one of five teams at the table bidding for the services of current New York Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka in the offseason. Early into the bidding war, the Phillies figuratively pushed their chips into the middle […]

Philadelphia Phillies Expect To See Top Pick Aaron Nola Soon

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The Great Aaron Nola Experiment will be under the microscope not only of the Philadelphia Phillies, but of all of the MLB. A pitcher out of LSU and the Phillies’ first round June MLB draft pick, the No. 7 overall selection, […]

Philadelphia Phillies Rumors: Making Chase Utley and Cole Hamels Untouchable Is A Big Mistake

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No two members of the Philadelphia Phillies have performed their jobs at a higher level than Cole Hamels and Chase Utley this season. On Wednesday night, for the second straight game, Hamels tossed nothing but zeroes in a start and […]

Philadelphia Phillies Giving Up On Tyson Gillies Proves That Trading For Prospects is Risky Business

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You can learn a lot by looking at the transactions that usually appear in the back of the sports section and Philadelphia Phillies fans paying attention certainly did a couple of days ago. Tyson Gillies, one of the prospects acquired […]

Philadelphia Phillies Should Follow the Oakland A’s Baseball Business Model For Rebuild

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One of the great word games in Philadelphia these days is to blame Philadelphia Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. for everything that ails the city. DeSean Jackson gone—RAJ’S fault; Temple dropping baseball—RAJ’s fault (after all, his nephew is on the […]

Philadelphia Phillies Made a Great Selection in 9th Round With Temple Pitcher Matt Hockenberry

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If Matt Hockenberry climbed up to the top step of where his college team played most of their home games this season, he could probably have reached Citizens Bank Park with a thrown baseball — at least on the second […]

Giving Away Domingo Santana Another Bonehead Move by Philadelphia Phillies

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As if things could not get any worse for the Philadelphia Phillies, a report surfaced on Saturday that one of the Houston Astros’ top prospects was essentially given to them by the Phillies due to a “clerical error.” Domingo Santana, […]

Philadelphia Phillies’ Worst Foe Has Now Become Complacency

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All anyone has to do to take the pulse of the Philadelphia Phillies is watch the postgame show that follows every game. The comments are pretty much the same after every game, now six straight losses. People in the electronic […]

Philadelphia Phillies’ Jimmy Rollins Does Not Belong in Cooperstown

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One of the usual stops on the Winter Caravan the Philadelphia Phillies take every offseason is Coopersburg, a sleepy little town about 10 miles north of the Philadelphia suburb of Quakertown. Current Phillies’ announcer and former great third baseman Mike […]

5 Local Players the Philadelphia Phillies Wish They Drafted

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