Philadelphia Phillies Should Demand Catching Prospect Chance Sisco from the Baltimore Orioles

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The Philadelphia Phillies won the A.J. Burnett Sweepstakes in a two-team battle with the Baltimore Orioles over the then free agent in the offseason, and now it appears the Orioles are about to win Burnett back. First, though, there is […]

Ryan Howard Problem Is An Easy One to Solve for the Philadelphia Phillies

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The headline in one local paper in Philadelphia on Thursday alluded to the “Ryan Howard Problem” facing manager Ryne Sandberg like it’s as complex as Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. In actuality, if all of the Philadelphia Phillies’ problems were […]

Philadelphia Phillies Fans Must Be Prepared for Dark Clouds Ahead

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The night before he surrendered to the United States at the end of WWII, Japanese Emperor Hirohito told his subjects on a national radio broadcast that they “must endure the unendurable.” If GM Ruben Amaro Jr. was honest with Philadelphia […]

Philadelphia Phillies: Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins Should Not Be Ripped for Refusing to Be Traded

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One of the favorite topics on Philadelphia sports talk radio revolves around the refusal of both Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins to move off their no-trade clauses. Utley will be the lone Philadelphia Phillies player participating in tonight’s MLB All-Star […]

Philadelphia Phillies Should Trade Marlon Byrd for Seattle Mariners’ Austin Wilson

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There is a lot of chatter out there that both the Seattle Mariners and Kansas City Royals are engaging in a behind-the-scenes bidding war with the Philadelphia Phillies over the services of outfielder Marlon Byrd. What no one has been […]

Despite Marlon Byrd’s Value, Philadelphia Phillies Must Be Willing to Trade Him

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It sounds like a classic oxymoron, but it is true this month for the Philadelphia Phillies: right fielder Marlon Byrd is simply too valuable to keep. If he’s that valuable, logic dictates that the Phillies keep him, but this is […]

Philadelphia Phillies’ Plan Should Be Trade for Prospects, Dump Salary

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In a town where the Philadelphia Phillies have floundered for much of the past three seasons, the other two major teams—the Philadelphia 76ers and Philadelphia Eagles—have at least showed they have a sound plan to build a future. The Phillies […]

Jonathan Papelbon Wants Out, and the Philadelphia Phillies Would Be Wise to Accommodate Him

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You can accuse Jonathan Papelbon of a lot of things, but being easily fooled is not one of them. Even after the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Milwaukee Brewers for the third straight time, Papelbon demanded to be traded. Papelbon is […]

Philadelphia Phillies Rumors: Jonathan Papelbon Could Pry Top Prospect From Detroit Tigers

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In Jonathan Papelbon, the Philadelphia Phillies have something the Detroit Tigers need badly: a dependable closer. With Joe Nathan struggling as the Tigers’ current closer, the Tigers have to be salivating at the prospect of adding Papelbon and his 1.29 […]

Philadelphia Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. Must Do Something About Self-Admitted Ryan Howard Problem

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If they could somehow put Ruben Amaro Jr. in a self-help group with his fellow basement-dwelling GMs, he’d probably sit down in a folding chair and say: “Hi. I’m Ruben Amaro Jr. and my team stinks.” The other guys say, […]

Philadelphia Phillies Rumors: Cole Hamels Has Plenty of Reasons to Leave

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Turns out all of those preseason prognosticators were right: The Philadelphia Phillies are really one of the worst teams in the National League. In his heart of hearts, Cole Hamels could have told them that a long time ago. Even […]

PNC Park Shows Philadelphia Phillies How Citizens Bank Park Should Have Been Done

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No one can deny Citizens Bank Park is one of the top fan experiences in baseball. Yet, every time the Philadelphia Phillies visit the Pittsburgh Pirates as they did this weekend, PNC Park reminds them how much better CBP could have […]