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Mike Gibson

Ben Lively Won Marlon Byrd Trade for Phillies

One of the best trades Philadelphia Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. has made in recent years was getting Ben Lively from the Cincinnati Reds for Marlon Byrd. Here’s why. Read More

5 Reasons Why Eagles Should Have Hired Arians

If the Philadelphia Eagles had any vision at all back in 2013, they would have hired Bruce Arians instead of Chip Kelly and subsequent events have proved that. Here are five reasons why. Read More

Temple is ACC Team to Beat After UConn Win

With consecutive wins over No. 10 Kansas and defending national champion UConn, Temple is established as the team to beat in the AAC. Don’t expect coach Fran Dunphy to say it, though. Read More

GT’s Paul Johnson Belongs Among Coaching Elite

Paul Johnson continues to fly under the national coaching radar, and that has to be fine with fans of Georgia Tech after beating Mississippi State in the Orange Bowl. Read More

Temple Needs To Promote Matakevich For Bednarik

Now that Tyler Matakevich will return to Temple football for 2015, the Owls must give that investment a return in the form of promoting him for the Bednarik Award. Read More

Philadelphia 76ers Make Tanking Appear Obvious

After winning two of the last three games, the Philadelphia 76ers rested a pair of starters in a loss to the Golden State Warriors and that has to raise more questions about tanking. Read More

5 Biggest Philadelphia Eagles Rumors of 2015

Despite what it looked like near the end of the season, the Philadelphia Eagles are really not that far away from contending for a title and, if these five rumors come to pass, they will make a run. Read More

5 Things We Learned From the Eagles' 2014 Season

The Eagles learned a lot of things from the 2014 season and most of them were not good. Here are five tough lessons. Read More

Phillies Need Billionaire Owner To Take Over

On his way out the door, Jimmy Rollins hinted that billionaire owner John Middleton was what the Philadelphia Phillies need to speed up their rebuild and here’s why he’s right. Read More

Temple's Offense Would Be Fixed by Using Fullbacks

If Temple coach Matt Rhule needs any gift this holiday season, it would be to find a fullback on the current roster. Read More