Chicago White Sox: Marcus Semien Is Showing His Versatility In The Minors

Marcus Semien

The Chicago White Sox have a problem that they are happy to have: they possess a whole plethora of infield options in the minors. So naturally, the team inserted a piece of this surplus into the outfield, in hopes that […]

Miami Marlins Starter Henderson Alvarez Making Organization Look Smart

Henderson Alvarez

Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria was the media whipping boy during the offseason leading up to the 2013 season. In November of 2012, he oversaw an overhaul of his franchise as the Marlins traded away established veterans Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, […]

5 San Diego Padres Who Must Be Dealt Before 2014 Trade Deadline

San Diego Padres

5 Milwaukee Brewers Who Must Be Dealt Before 2014 Trade Deadline

Milwaukee Brewers

Chicago White Sox Slugger Jose Abreu Is The Next Media Darling

Jose Abreu

Something rather unusual happened during ESPN’s morning broadcast of SportsCenter on Monday. For the first time in awhile, the Chicago White Sox‘s upcoming game was labeled as the “What To Watch For” game of the day. Say goodbye to the loved […]

Looking Back On The Carlos Quentin Trade, The Chicago White Sox Made The Right Move

Carlos Quentin

On New Year’s of 2011, the Chicago White Sox made a move that made some people scratch their head and some people applaud. The team traded All-Star right fielder Carlos Quentin to the San Diego Padres for hit-or-miss prospects Pedro […]

Chicago White Sox Starter Hector Noesi Is Better Than His Record Shows

Hector Noesi

MLB Network anchor Brian Kenny is the loudest advocate to “kill the win”, a phrase that follows the new school of baseball thinking that wins do not really matter statistics wise. Kenny and other believers have concluded the so many […]

Chicago White Sox Manager Robin Ventura Is No Longer Anyone’s Puppet

Robin Ventura

In the winter before the 2012 season, the Chicago White Sox made a shocking move by naming former third baseman Robin Ventura as their next manager. After the reign of Ozzie Guillen came to an eventful end, the Sox were […]

Unloading Adam Dunn’s Contract Must Be Priority for Chicago White Sox at Any Cost

Adam Dunn

Slugger Adam Dunn‘s tenure with the Chicago White Sox will always be looked upon unfavorably. Three inconsistent years at the plate will do that. Failing to live up to one of the heftiest contracts in a franchise’s history will also do […]

Carlos Sanchez’s Success Should Force Chicago White Sox To Trade Alexei Ramirez Or Gordon Beckham

Carlos Sanchez

A common belief in baseball is that a winning team is created up the middle. As the Chicago White Sox undertake in a rebuilding movement in order to place the team in a position to compete long term, they have made steps […]

San Diego Padres 3B Chase Headley: The One The Chicago White Sox Are Happy Got Away

Chase Headley

There is an old saying in the baseball world that the best trade one could make is no trade at all. During June of 2012, the Chicago White Sox found themselves in a heated race to win the American League […]

Adrian Nieto More Than A Stereotypical Backup Catcher For Chicago White Sox

Adrian Nieto

Gustavo Molina, Donny Lucy, and Jamie Burke. Say those three names to any Chicago White Sox fan and a majority of them will have no idea who they are. Can one blame them? All three players were backup catchers for the […]