New York Yankees: Phil Hughes Is a Mess and Needs to Be Moved To the Bullpen

Phil Hughes New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have come back strong since their 1-3 start. They just completed a series win over a divisional rival and have won four of their last five games. This gives the Yankees and their fans a lot […]

The New York Yankees Have Put MLB on Notice: The Bronx Bombers Are Back

Robinson Cano New York Yankees

For all those who loudly proclaimed the New York Yankees wouldn’t be able to put enough crooked numbers on the scoreboard this season, Robinson Cano has a message he wants to deliver — this lineup can still smash the ball. […]

New York Yankees: Role Players Carried Team in First Week of the Season

Francisco Cervelli New York Yankees

After CC Sabathia’s rough Opening Day start, and a week of subpar outings by the pitching staff, the New York Yankees got the start they needed and expect from their ace, in the Yankees 7-0 win over the Detroit Tigers. […]

Memo to New York Yankees Fans: Everything Is Going To Be Alright

Kevin Youkilis New York Yankees

The New York Yankees did not have much time to enjoy their first win of the season, as they had to fly out immediately after for a day game against the Detroit Tigers. The player that should not have had […]

New York Yankees: First Win of Season Was a Nice Mix of Young and Old Stars

Eduardo Nunez New York Yankees

The New York Yankees won their first game of the season last night, 4-2 against the Boston Red Sox. Even though this may have only been the third game of the season, the win was big for the team.  It […]

New York Yankees: Hiroki Kuroda Isn’t the Only Hurt One Being Seen In the Bronx

Hiroki Kuroda New York Yankees

MLB players are the most superstitious athletes in professional sports, doing anything from eating the same food on game day or putting their socks on the same way, to the smaller things like hopping over the baseline on their way back […]

New York Yankees: Is Jay-Z Enough To Keep Robinson Cano in Pinstripes?

Robinson Cano New York Yankees

As Robinson Cano leaves super-agent Scott Boras to sign with Jay-Z’s company, Roc Nation Sports, the collective sigh of relief can be heard throughout the Bronx. This move does not guarantee anything, but it sure seems to help the New York Yankees. […]

Enjoy Opening Day New York Yankees Fans: This Will Be the Last with Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano New York Yankees

If there is a shining star peeking through the grey clouds for the New York Yankees, it is second baseman Robinson Cano. Cano is in the last year of his contract with the Yankees and all signs are pointing to […]

New York Yankees: Latest Rash of Injuries Could Be the Knockout Punch

Derek Jeter New York Yankees

The 2013 MLB season is about to start and fans in the Bronx are more negative than they have been in decades, so looking forward to Opening Day is not the easiest thing to do. With players dropping like flies, […]

New York Yankees Rumors: Vernon Wells on His Way to the Bronx

Vernon Wells

The New York Yankees are about to acquire outfielder Vernon Wells from the Los Angeles Angels in a trade for prospects, according to a number of reports. Adding Wells seems to go against what Hal Steinbrenner has said he wanted to do […]

The New York Yankees are Still the Beast in the Weak AL East

Derek Jeter Robinson Cano Mark Teixeira

In a recent Grapefruit League game, New York Yankees radio broadcaster John Sterling told co-host Suzyn Waldman “Ya know, Suzyn you just can’t predict baseball.” What Sterling said needs to be on the minds of all the Yankees as they fight […]

New York Yankees Rumors: Team Close to Signing Derrek Lee

Derrek Lee

With the recent injuries to starting first baseman Mark Teixeira and outfielder Curtis Granderson, it is hard to imagine the New York Yankees just sitting on their hands and waiting for the injured players to come back. The Yankees have already made one […]