MLB Needs to Stop Players from Participating in World Baseball Classic

World Baseball Classic

The 2013 World Baseball Classic just finished pool play and the United States advanced to the next round; the more important story isn’t who advanced – it is why MLB players are even involved in the WBC. There are many […]

Mariano Rivera Will Go Out His Way and Have the Most Saves in MLB in 2013

Mariano Rivera New York Yankees

When this amazing fire-baller comes out of the New York Yankees bullpen and the start of “Enter Sandman” begins, fans know the pitcher coming in is on his to way sending the other team to bed. Mariano Rivera has been the […]

The New York Yankees May be Down but are Far From Out

New York Yankees

The 2013 New York Yankees season isn’t starting off well, is a statement that is being beat to death. Sports shows and social sites, from California to Maine, are telling the world something that is as obvious as money being […]

The Injury to New York Yankees Pitcher Phil Hughes will make the Bombers Better

Ivan Nova New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have to stay healthy to have any chance at another playoff appearance. Less than two weeks into Spring Training, they have already been bitten by the injury bug. It’s odd to say, but these injuries could […]

Scott Boras is Destroying MLB and the New York Yankees’ Chances of Signing Robinson Cano

Scott Boras

It may be hard to imagine that one person could destroy a game that is over a century old, but sports agent Scott Boras is on his way to doing that to MLB. Boras’ favorite team to rob is the […]

Francisco Cervelli Will Be Opening Day Starter for the New York Yankees

Francisco Cervelli New York Yankees

Spring Training 2013 is different than any in recent memory for the New York Yankees. The discrepancy for the Yankees is they are in Tampa and have no idea who will be the starting catcher on Opening Day. Deciding on a starting catcher this close to the start of […]

The New York Yankees Can Still Be Successful Even Without the Bombers in the Bronx

New York Yankees Joe Girardi

Going into the 2013 season, New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi knew his lineup would have to score runs differently. The term “Bronx Bombers” will not be used with this Yankees lineup, and this was before the Curtis Granderson injury. […]

Pump Your Brakes New York Yankee Haters, Curtis Granderson Injury Does Not End Season

Curtis Granderson New York Yankees

One of the big questions going into Spring Training for the New York Yankees was who would play center field. The two players vying for the spot were Curtis Granderson and Brett Gardner. Things may have just gotten a little easier […]

New York Yankees Pitcher Phil Hughes Injured Back Will cost Him Spot in Starting Rotation

Phil Highes New York Yankees

Exactly what the New York Yankees do not need is an injury to start Spring Training, and right out of the gate, that’s what they have. Phil Hughes is projected to be out for two weeks with a bulging disk […]

New York Yankees Will Lose Robinson Cano Without a New Contract Before the Season

Robinson Cano New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are at a cross-road right now; the direction they head will decide the fate of the team for the next decade. The team has one of the best players in the game, Robinson Cano, only signed […]

The 2013 New York Yankees Will Be Carried by Robinson Cano on His Way to the AL MVP

Robinson Cano New York Yankees

Derek Jeter may be the heart of the New York Yankees, but Robinson Cano is the body. Cano will need to have his best year in 2013 for the Yankees to have any shot at the playoffs. Last seasons’ stats were amazing, as Cano […]

New York Yankees Fans Should be Optimistic About 2013 Season

Brett Gardner New York Yankees

The 2012 New York Yankees won 95 games, an AL East Title and made it to the ALDS. For most teams, that would be a great season; the Yankees aren’t most teams and by their standards, the season was a […]