What Can New York Mets Take Away From Opening Day?

New York Mets

Buddha said life is suffering. Nietzsche added that survival is finding meaning in the suffering. These ideas seem like the perfect place to begin my final thoughts on the New York Mets’ Opening Day. Looking beyond the heartbreaking loss and […]

Bobby Parnell’s Torn Ligament Casts Dire Shadow Over New York Mets’ Season

Bobby Parnell

And so it goes for New York Mets fans. For a brief moment in time, once Jose Valverde’s heat cauterized the seventh-inning wounds and Juan Lagares struck back at Tyler Clippard with a clutch home run in the eighth, when […]

Juan Lagares Takes One Giant Leap Towards His Future

Juan lagares

Juan Lagares is a man of destiny whose first Opening Day start taught him the fragile difference between conquering hero and historical footnote. The New York Mets’ defensive wizard came to Citi Field on Monday unsure if he’d play at […]

Jose Valverde About To Venture On A (Nearly) Impossible Odyssey With New York Mets

Jose Valverde

Jose Valverde didn’t enter the New York Mets‘ first game of the year as much as he blasted off into the core of a black hole. In the seventh inning after Dillon Gee tired and exited with two runners on, […]

Opening Day Start Completes Long Road Back For New York Mets’ Dillon Gee

Dillon Gee

Zack Wheeler is the biggest name pitcher left on the New York Mets’ staff, though Dillon Gee getting the start on Opening Day was a well-deserved karmic reward for the young righty. A season after serious surgery to remove a […]

David Wright Trying To Cement Legacy With New York Mets in 2014

David Wright

The New York Mets’ David Wright spent Opening Day making my predictions look darn good. At the peak of his prime, Wright has the opportunity to tear open this season and put up MVP-caliber numbers. Three hits in five at-bats […]

Andrew Brown Takes Advantage of Opportunity in New York Mets’ Opening Day

Andrew Brown

Baseball is all about the unexpected joys, and that goes for players as well as fans. When the New York Mets announced both Daniel Murphy (birth of his child) and Chris Young (quadriceps) would be out of the Opening Day […]

New York Mets’ Opening Day Shows Excitement is a Limited-Time Product

Citi Field

As important as any player, coach or executive on a ball club is the place where that team welcomes its fans to enjoy the game. A ballpark conveys the philosophy, the vision, the energy, the complete self-perception of what a […]

Predicting Stats For New York Mets’ 2014 Opening Day Lineup


New York Mets 2014 Prediction: Chris Young A Shrewd Acquisition?

Chris Young

Some time ago, I joked that when New York Mets GM Sandy Alderson signed Chris Young for $7.25 million, manager Terry Collins surely collapsed from disbelief. Maybe that didn’t happen, but I can’t imagine it being too far off. Since being selected […]

New York Mets 2014 Prediction: Is Travis d’Arnaud Catcher Of The Now?

Travis d'Arnaud

The New York Mets knew when they traded Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey, that they had to get a sure-fire major league prospect in return. Catcher Travis d’Arnaud, then 23, was that prospect. After 31 games with the Mets in […]

New York Mets 2014 Prediction: Curtis Granderson An MVP?

Curtis Granderson

Oh, my bad. I meant New York Mets’ MVP, not the NL. Sorry. To be the NL MVP, Curtis Granderson would have to outperform his 2011 season, at least. Back then, he hit .262 with 41 home runs, 119 RBIs, […]