World Series 2013: St. Louis Cardinals Possess Clear Rotation Advantage

Adam Wainwright

In both the National League Division Series and the National League Championship Series, the St. Louis Cardinals have appeared to go up against a rotation that was stronger than their starting staff, at least on paper. This was especially true in the […]

Pittsburgh Pirates: Is Andrew McCutchen A Lock For National League MVP?

Andrew McCutchen

The Pittsburgh Pirates were knocked out of the playoffs in the National League Division Series, and they’ve had plenty of time to sit back and watch their division rivals from St. Louis enjoy success in reaching the World Series. While it’s […]

San Diego Padres Missed The Boat On Trading Chase Headley

Chase Headley

One of the more notable storylines to take place around the bigs over the course of the last few offseasons, and trade deadlines, has been whether or not the San Diego Padres would move star third baseman Chase Headley. A free agent in […]

Who Will Close Games For The Los Angeles Angels In 2014?

Ernesto Frieri

The Los Angeles Angels have a great deal of work to be done to their roster this winter, whether you look at the addition or subtraction aspect of it. There are some notable names that could be shipped out, and the Halos […]

Chicago White Sox: Does Signing Jose Abreu Open Door For Adam Dunn Trade?

Adam Dunn

The Chicago White Sox have made the first big splash of the 2013-14 Major League offseason already, signing the latest Cuban sensation Jose Dariel Abreu to the largest international contract that the game has ever seen for a player first making his way over […]

St. Louis Cardinals: Arrogant Playoff Narrative Needs To Disappear Quickly

Yadier Molina

Throughout this 2013 regular season, the Los Angeles Dodgers have been all that is hip, hot, and happening around the bigs. And as the calendar nears the end of October, the St. Louis Cardinals are the 75-year-old man that want the Dodgers to get […]

NLCS 2013: Clayton Kershaw Heads Into Unknown Territory For Los Angeles Dodgers

Clayton Kershaw

There’s little doubt that the Los Angeles Dodgers possess one of the greatest pitchers, if not the best, in all of baseball today. Clayton Kershaw has been stumping lineups for the last few seasons, and will easily walk away with […]

Boston Red Sox: Brilliant Offseason Has Led Them To 2013 Success

Koji Uehara

The Boston Red Sox stand just one game away from an American League pennant and a World Series berth after barely edging out the Detroit Tigers in Thursday night’s Game 5 of the American League Championship Series. But how did […]

Like It Or Not, The St. Louis Cardinals Are The Class Of Major League Baseball

Yadier Molina

A great deal has been made recently about the St. Louis Cardinals and a certain arrogance that the team carries around with them. That buzz has been generated primarily by their negative view of Yasiel Puig, after the Los Angeles […]

John Lackey: Brilliant Season For Boston Red Sox Continuing In MLB Postseason

John Lackey

The Boston Red Sox managed to rebound from a tough Game 1 loss to the Detroit Tigers in the American League Championship Series, riding that momentum to a 2-1 edge in the series. In Game 3, which saw them grab […]

Los Angeles Dodgers: Yasiel Puig Is A Great Thing For Baseball

Yasiel Puig

A huge deal has been made in this National League Championship Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals about the persona of Yasiel Puig. Not that this should come as any sort of surprise, given that […]

Mike Trout: Comparing His Rookie & Sophomore Seasons For The LA Angels

Mike Trout

One of the focal points for the Los Angeles Angels this winter is going to be what they plan to do with Mike Trout. For the second straight offseason, they’ll be able to choose what he might make for the 2014 season, as […]