Will Chase Utley Still Believe In Philadelphia Phillies After More Veteran Signings?

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Last week Chase Utley told the media he was ready for the baseball season to start. He is excited for the Philadelphia Phillies to be healthy, and Utley believes that his team is going to improve and be a winner […]

Philadelphia Phillies Adding Bobby Abreu Isn’t Just Signing Another Old Guy

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The Philadelphia Phillies are still looking to make improvements to their lineup. They continue to look at pitchers along with players who can provide offense. One of those players that the Phillies just announced they are interested in is Bobby […]

Will Chad Gaudin Be The Fifth Starter For The Philadelphia Phillies?

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The Philadelphia Phillies just announced they added a new arm to their staff, and that arm is right-hander Chad Gaudin.  He was on the San Francisco Giants last season and has the ability to start or come in as a […]

What Does Ronny Cedeno Signing Mean For Freddy Galvis?

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The Philadelphia Phillies have not made many moves yet this offseason. The moves that they had made have been questionable. The team has been signing veteran players which does not make sense as they already have a veteran filled team. […]

Will The Philadelphia Phillie and Ben Revere Avoid Arbitration?

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The Philadelphia Phillies have made two deals out of four with players who were facing arbitration. They are still trying to settle with Antonio Bastardo and Ben Revere. The deadline before a case will settle the issue is about a month […]

Philadelphia Phillies and Kyle Kendrick Agree To Smart One-Year Deal

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The offseason for baseball means trying to make deals with players who are facing arbitration. The Philadelphia Phillies had four players they needed to try and negotiate with, and yesterday one deal got completed. That deal was with pitcher Kyle […]

Philadelphia Phillies Should Consider A Second Setup Man

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The Philadelphia Phillies continue to be silent this offseason. With spring training quickly approaching it would be ideal for the Phillies to make improvements, and one of those would be to add a second setup man. They have Mike Adams, […]

Can Jonathan Pettibone Earn Final Rotation Spot For Philadelphia Phillies?

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The clock continues to tick for the arrival of Spring Training. It seems as if Philadelphia Phillies have four out of five pitchers set in their rotation. Cole Hamels, Roberto Hernandez, Kyle Kendrick and Cliff Lee have all locked up spots. […]

Can Jesse Biddle Make Philadelphia Phillies’ Opening Day Roster?

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There are officially 35 days until pitchers and catchers report to Clearwater, Florida for Spring Training. The Philadelphia Phillies will be expecting the veteran players, new acquisitions and rookies they extended invitations to. One of those players invited is rookie Jesse […]

Can Cole Hamels Have An Award-Winning Season For Philadelphia Phillies?

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Cole Hamels was supposed to be the ace for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2013 after being named the opening day starter. Instead he let everyone down as his teammates failed to score runs for him which led to losses. Can […]

Who Makes More Sense To Play Right Field For Philadelphia Phillies, Marlon Byrd Or Darin Ruf?

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At the end of last season, it seemed as if the Philadelphia Phillies had their outfield set. They had Domonic Brown, Ben Revere and Darin Ruf. Then injuries occurred, and it got all scrambled up with Revere out and Ruf getting time […]

What Should New Television Deal Mean for the Philadelphia Phillies?

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The Philadelphia Phillies signing a new television deal has been on the rumor mill for quite some time. Yesterday the deal was finally made official. The Phillies signed a 25-year deal with Comcast Sportsnet, who is the Phillies primary channel. […]