What Can Cody Asche Bring Philadelphia Phillies In 2014?

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The Philadelphia Phillies are mostly a veteran team. Their infield consists of a 34 and two 35-year-olds. Third baseman Cody Asche is just 23-years old and is just starting out his career. What can he bring to the Phillies in 2014? Asche […]

Who Has To Change the Most On Philadelphia Phillies In 2014?

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  As the New Year is just two days away, it means that a new baseball season is quickly approaching. I am sure that Philadelphia Phillies are looking forward to 2014. This past year was not their best. They finished […]

Was Signing Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez Too Big A Risk For The Philadelphia Phillies?

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Right now, the Philadelphia Phillies only have two reliable arms in their starting rotation, Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee. If the team is hoping to win games, then the rest of their rotation has to be able to be counted on, except we […]

Will Roberto Hernandez Impact Philadelphia Phillies’ Rotation?

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The Philadelphia Phillies used to have one of the strongest pitching rotations in the major leagues. With trades and retirements, that has now changed. The team is now left with two strong arms and are left with average arms for the […]

How Long Can Philadelphia Phillies Keep Current Lineup?

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The days are continuing to go on and the Philadelphia Phillies have yet to make the headlines. They are actually making the headlines by failing to make a move to their lineup. After the holidays are over, the focus will be […]

Philadelphia Phillies Rumors: Is Jonathan Papelbon Headed Out?

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The Philadelphia Phillies apparently have been shopping around their closer Jonathan Papelbon, and the latest team that seems to be interested in him is the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles have had trouble landing a permanent closer recently, and it would be […]

Philadelphia Phillies Should Take A Look At Ryan Madson

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The Philadelphia Phillies are one of the few teams who have yet to make a big move this offseason. The fans are patiently waiting for something to happen. Former Phillies pitcher Ryan Madson is attempting to make a comeback by holding […]

Can Philadelphia Phillies Afford To Trade Jimmy Rollins?

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Philadelphia Phillies rumors have been spreading over the last couple of days. One of the bigger ones going around is that the team is willing to trade shortstop Jimmy Rollins. Is that good for the team right now? I would say […]

Where Is Philadelphia Phillies’ Big Move?

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The Winter Meetings for MLB have come and gone. Everyone was expecting the Philadelphia Phillies to make a big move. They failed to answer and barely made any noise. With Spring Training around the corner, will the team decide to shake […]

Philadelphia Phillies General Manager Changing Up Plans For 2014?

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The Philadelphia Phillies disappointed everyone as they have failed to make the playoffs two years in a row. Near the end of the season it seemed as if the front office decided that they were going to rebuild the team […]

Philadelphia Phillies Fans Should Relish Memories Of Roy Halladay

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Roy Halladay made a surprising announcement this morning. He announced his retirement from MLB. No one knows if the Philadelphia Phillies knew this was coming, but the fans certainly did not. It comes as a surprise as the Winter Meetings are […]

What Will Brad Lincoln’s Role Be For Philadelphia Phillies?

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If you haven’t heard, former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Brad Lincoln is now a member of the Philadelphia Phillies. He was traded to the team yesterday for catcher Erik Kratz and minor league pitcher Rob Rasmussen. Lincoln has spent split time […]