Toronto Blue Jays Trade Travis Snider To The Pittsburgh Pirates

travis snider pirates

Travis Snider is moving on from the Toronto Blue Jays to the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The Pirates need an outfielder so they have traded Brad Lincoln back to the Blue Jays.  This should be a move that helps both teams in […]

Chicago Cubs Trade Geovany Soto To The Texas Rangers

geovany soto trade

Geovany Soto has not been that great this year but the Chicago Cubs have found a team interested in him.  The team has traded the catcher to the  Texas Rangers for prospect Jason Brigham. Geovany Soto has struggled this year but […]

Chicago Cubs Trade Reed Johnson And Paul Maholm To The Atlanta Braves

reed johnson trade

Reed Johnson was the first Chicago Cubs domino to fall.  The team removed the outfielder late in their game on Monday as they have agreed to send Reed Johnson and pitcher Paul Maholm to the Atlanta Braves for prospects. Now […]

Chicago White Sox Acquire Francisco Liriano From Minnesota Twins

Francisco Liriano could be moving teams, if the Chicago White Sox Twitter account is accurate.  The team account sent out a Tweet Saturday night saying the White Sox acquired the left hander from the Minnesota Twins for a package centered […]

Pittsburgh Pirates Prospect Starling Marte Hits Home Run Off First Pitch Of His Major League Career

Starling Marte is the uber prospect for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates are in need of offense so they called up Marte to help them out. In his very first at bat, he proved how ready he was. On the […]

Adrian Beltre Leaves Game After Taking Vicente Padilla Pitch To Head

Vicente Padilla of the Boston Red Sox is known as a head hunter but this looks like a total accident. A fastball got away from him and it hit Adrian Beltre of the Texas Rangers right square in the head. […]

New York Yankees Acquire Ichiro From Seattle Mariners

Ichiro is no longer a member of the Seattle Mariners and will instead be playing for the New York Yankees.  The Yankees acquired the outfielder for some minor league pitching, but they have added some offensive help for teh stretch […]

Detroit Tigers Acquire Anibal Sanchez And Omar Infante From Miami Marlins

Adding Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante will make the Detroit Tigers the favorites in the AL Cental.  The Tigers acquired these two players from the Miami Marlins, who are seeing their grand experiment from the offseason crashing down around their […]

Atlanta Braves Back Out Of Ryan Dempster Deal With Chicago Cubs (Or Not)

Update:  Joe Sheehan says he was joking about the trade being vacated.  Deal is still not done, so it might end up not getting done.  Dempster’s official Twitter account has also denied a trade. For about 30 minutes, everyone thought […]

Carlos Quentin Close To Three Year Deal With San Diego Padres


Carlos Quentin seemed like a pretty good trade chip for the San Diego Padres but the team has decided to keep him around.  The outfielder is close to agreeing to a three year, 27 million dollar deal with the team, […]

Joe Mauer Fan Decides To Make Jersey Out Of His Back Hair

Joe Mauer has a lot of fans and lot of those fans are quite passionate. The Minnesota Twins catcher might have one of the weirdest fans in the game after Saturday. This guy is so passionate about his love for […]

Kansas City Royals Sending Jonathan Sanchez To Colorado Rockies For Jeremy Guthrie

jonathan sanchez rockies

Jonathan Sanchez has not exactly worked out for the Kansas City Royals.  They traded Melky Cabrera in order to get him.  Yeah, not a smart move so the Royals are going to send him to the Colorado Rockies for Jeremy […]