Dylan Axelrod Making Case to Stick with Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds, Dylan Axelrod, Homer Bailey

The Cincinnati Reds have to like what they’ve seen from Dylan Axelrod in his two spot starts as a replacement for the injured Homer Bailey. Axelrod has struck out 15 in 11 innings pitched while posting a 1.64 ERA and […]

Cincinnati Reds’ Sean Marshall Limiting Payroll Flexibility

Cincinnati Reds, Sean Marshall, Jonathan Broxton

The Cincinnati Reds looked like they had swung a steal of a deal when they acquired Sean Marshall in 2012 and signed him to a three-year, $16.5 million extension through 2015. Marshall delivered the goods in 2012 by posting a […]

Jumbo Diaz Offers Promise For Cincinnati Reds’ Bullpen

Cincinnati Reds, Jumbo Diaz, Jonathan Broxton

At 30 years old, Cincinnati Reds‘ rookie reliever Jose “Jumbo” Diaz has to feel like his ship has come in. Now the only question is whether or not the overweight-prone fireballer will eat his way off the ship. Diaz toiled […]

Cincinnati Reds Should Deal Jonathan Broxton If Payroll Cut Needed

Cincinnati Reds, Jonathan Broxton, Aroldis Chapman

The Cincinnati Reds swung an excellent non-waiver trade deadline deal in 2012 when the team acquired reliever Jonathan Broxton from the Kansas City Royals for a pair of minor league pitchers. Broxton proved to be a key member of the […]

Cincinnati Reds’ Situation Expemplifies What Is Wrong With MLB

Cincinnati Reds, Johnny Cueto, Mat Latos

There’s no way to explain why the Cincinnati Reds will have to entertain breaking apart one of the best starting rotations in baseball. other The only explanations is to say it’s the lack of a salary cap and the spending […]

Cincinnati Reds’ Billy Hamilton Needs Flourish To Seal ROY Campaign

Cincinnati Reds, Billy Hamilton, NL Rookie of the Year

The Cincinnati Reds are simply playing out the remainder of the 2014 schedule, and will have very little of interest or significance happening for the rest of the season — with the exception of Billy Hamilton‘s dash for NL Rookie […]

No Brawl or Jorge Soler Yet In Cincinnati Reds vs. Chicago Cubs Series

Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs

Maybe the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds are just waiting for Cuban prospect Jorge Soler to be called up Wednesday before finishing the brawl that nearly erupted four games before the All-Star break when a testy Anthony Rizzo decided to […]

Cincinnati Reds’ Dominance Over Chicago Cubs Not Over Just Yet

Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs, Lovable Losers

At some point, the tables will turn – the small-market Cincinnati Reds won’t be able to afford to overspend and the Chicago Cubs will be able to do so once again. But until that day comes, the latest version of the Lovable […]

Daniel Corcino isn’t the next Johhny Cueto for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds, Daniel Corcino, Johnny Cueto

Not too long ago, Dominican Daniel Corcino was hailed as the second coming of fellow countryman Johnny Cueto rising through the Cincinnati Reds‘ minor leagues. But not any more. The 23-year-old Corcino still has a chance to develop into a […]

Cincinnati Reds Calling On Prospect David Holmberg For Spot Start Makes Them Look Desperate

Cincinnati Reds, David Holmberg, Homer Bailey

Since Homer Bailey went to the DL with a strained flexor mass, the Cincinnati Reds have been forced to pull from their very limited resource of minor league starting pitchers, which means that David Holmberg will be making his second […]

Botched Trade Deadline Really Cost Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds, Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips

Heading into the All-Star break, the Cincinnati Reds had reasons to be optimistic about the rest of the season even without stars Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto. They were seven games over .500 and just 1.5 games off the pace […]

Cincinnati Reds: Johnny Cueto’s Cy Young Bid Now A Long Shot

Cincinnati Reds, Johnny Cueto, Cy Young Award

In a season marked with failure and disappointment for the Cincinnati Reds, the St. Louis Cardinals added insult to injury on Wednesday night by chasing Reds ace Johnny Cueto after five innings, in the process dashing the one bright spot […]