Freddy Garcia Could Give Young Atlanta Braves Staff Much-Needed Veteran Presence

Freddy Garcia

The Atlanta Braves acquired pitcher Freddy Garcia from the Baltimore Orioles on Friday. The move was a precautionary one as Garcia was acquired just after it was announced that Brandon Beachy was experiencing soreness in his surgically repaired right elbow […]

Atlanta Braves’ Brandon Beachy to See Dr. James Andrews; What Will His Diagnosis Be?

Brandon Beachy

  Players don’t go to see Dr. James Andrews unless there is the potential for a very serious injury. The Atlanta Braves‘ Brandon Beachy is scheduled to visit Andrews on Monday. He will miss his next start due to elbow soreness […]

Jason Heyward Injury Comes at Worst Time for Atlanta Braves

Jason Heyward

The Atlanta Braves have been decimated by injury all season long, losing the likes of Johnny Venters, Eric O’Flaherty, Ramiro Pena and Tim Hudson to season-ending injuries, and having had Brian McCann, Evan Gattis, Jason Heyward, Jordan Schafer, B.J. Upton, […]

Atlanta Braves’ Jason Heyward Not Your Typical Leadoff Hitter

Jason Heyward

Slight of stature, fleet of foot, an annoyance on the base paths, a man who handles the bat like Luke Skywalker handles a light saber – these are the qualities most teams look for in a leadoff hitter. At one […]

Why Andrelton Simmons’ Bat is Not a Problem

Andrelton Simmons

The Atlanta Braves’ Andrelton Simmons “looks lost at the plate” according to some baseball fans. And this is a valid conjecture. Simmons pops up all the time, all too often in crucial situations. His batting average is an atrocious .240, […]

Atlanta Braves Will Not Coast to Season’s End

Jason Heyward

It happens all too often when the season is winding down and a team has a seemingly insurmountable lead: they simply coast to the finish line. It is not a phenomenon particular to baseball; the epidemic crosses over sporting lines […]

Atlanta Braves Model of Integrity in a Dishonest Age

Atlanta Braves

If there is one thing that Atlanta Braves baseball has become synonymous with over the years, it’s honesty. The Braves play the game the right way. They don’t cut corners, they don’t look for an unfair advantage over their opponent(s), […]

Atlanta Braves’ Current Form More Than Just A Winning Streak

Atlanta Braves

Sport is a beast of fickle fancies. It is a temptress, a tease, our best friend and ally, a locus of anguish, the nexus between long-lost dreams and hopes for the future. Sport gives us something to believe in, someone […]

Atlanta Braves’ Brandon Beachy Still ‘Piecing it Together’

Brandon Beachy

As Brandon Beachy puts it, he is till “piecing it all together, little by little, each start.” If eight solid innings of zero runs, only three hits and six strikeouts is “piecing it together,” then the Atlanta Braves are in […]

Washington Nationals’ Bryce Harper Lets Atlanta Braves’ Dominance Get Under His Skin

Bryce Harper

The Washington Nationals are frustrated. It’s understandable and it shows. The Nats now find themselves 14.5 games back in the NL East, and with the Atlanta Braves looking like the best team in baseball at the moment, the lead seems […]

Atlanta Braves Dominating NL East: 5 Reasons Why

braves pic

Atlanta Braves’ Gritty Win in Washington Shows Championship Team in the Making

Mike Minor

The Atlanta Braves’ 3-2 win over the Washington Nationals on Monday night was the kind of win that only championships team can get. It wasn’t a heroic comeback. It wasn’t a blowout from the first pitch. It wasn’t a dominating […]