Boston Red Sox: 5 Future Candidates At Catcher

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Red Sox’ John Farrell Is Living In Field Of Dreams

John Farrell

Dig around in your closet for your old baseball cards. Not the good ones, but the ones for the players you don’t remember and have almost thrown away a few times. I’m looking for a card for a pitcher who […]

Who Ranks Where On The Woody Allen Line?

Dustin Pedroia

Oh, do I love baseball stats. Not just Ribbies, Twobees, Beebees and I guess, Esbees, but all the stats in baseball. If you have any affinity to math, the Stats listing on the Boston Red Sox web site is a […]

MLB Playoffs: Best Chance in American League Wild Card

Kansas City Royals

The Wild Card is, as the cliché goes, anybody’s ballgame. The Tampa Bay Rays (83-68) own the coveted first spot to lose. Falling fast are the Texas Rangers (82-69), who just a week ago seemed to have a playoff spot […]

2013 MLB Playoffs: What 100 Regular Season Wins Mean for Boston Red Sox

Mike Carp

Fans in Boston have gone into public outcry. It’s nothing new, as the city has become accustomed to housing winners over the past decade of dominance, but people seem to be especially worked up about the Boston Red Sox winning 100 games […]

Boston Red Sox 2013 Regular Season: 100-Win Forecast

Red Sox Beard-Pulling Celebration

With the sweep of the rival New York Yankees completed on Sunday night, the Boston Red Sox approached unfamiliar territory. Currently at 92-59 with a 9.5-game lead on the second-place Rays, the Red Sox are virtually guaranteed the AL East crown, but they have […]