Why would the Pittsburgh Pirates attempt to trade Gaby Sanchez?

Charles LeClair- USA Today Sports

Reports that have surfaced lately that the Pittsburgh Pirates are considering, or might consider trading Gaby Sanchez to the New York Yankees. I have to ask the question, why would they do such a thing? If the Pirates are going […]

Making sense of Pittsburgh Pirates roster moves from the past week

Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

The Pittsburgh Pirates used up their final options on both SPs Andy Oliver, whom they got from the Detroit Tigers earlier this season and Bryan Morris, when they were sent down to Indianapolis in the past week. From here on […]

What Should the Pittsburgh Pirates do with Gerrit Cole?

Brad Barr-USA Today Sports

As we reach the final two weeks of Spring Training, various media outlets have raised the question of the Pittsburgh Pirates decision to send Gerrit Cole back to the minors for “seasoning”- management’s vernacular for we don’t want to have him accumulate service time […]