Cooperstown for Blyleven??

Will this finally be the year he gets the vote? Bert Blyleven is on the Hall of Fame ballot again for the 14th year.  Last year he was a mere five votes shy of getting in.  Each year he gets closer […]

New location for Twins Fest

Twins Fest has been moved to the National Sports Center in Blaine, MN. with the same dates as originally scheduled. Only downside is that the tickets will be limited as the venue is smaller than the Metrodome.  The upside is that […]

Will it be 3 AL Central Division Titles for the Twins??

Happy New Year to everyone!! Every time the holidays pass and the new year rolls around it just means Spring Training is right around the corner!! So what will the 2011 season bring us?? Will Morneau be okay to play again?  He […]

Metrodome collapse causes scheduling conflicts

A facility official said on Wednesday that the roof of the dome will not be fixed until at least March, which will cause big time scheduling issues for hundreds of college baseball games and the Twins will have to find […]


Mauer underwent a minor procedure on his left knee recently, but is expected to be ready for Spring Training. “This recent procedure was to help alleviate some irritation that was being caused by the plica band, which is a fold […]


Morales is out!  Twins picked up Rockies lefty Paul Bargas to replace Morales. Just a baby at 22 he has a pretty impressive record with a 3.59 ERA and five saves in 67 2/3 innings for Class A Asheville last […]


Tsuyoshi Nishioka is on the roster for the 2011 season.  A $10 million contract for three years with the option for a forth. His stats are very impressive and only get better every year he plays.  Nishioka is the first […]


After the Twins lost their shirts (ONCE AGAIN) to the Yankees on September 9, 2010 it really got me thinking …. What is it about the Yankees that makes the Twins run away like dogs with tails between their legs […]