Evan Gattis’ Injury Could Cost Atlanta Braves

Evan Gattis

As the legend continues to grow, Atlanta Braves catcher Evan Gattis continues to wow people around MLB with his tremendous skills as an offensive catcher. People are told to pray for the baseballs when he is hit by a pitch; […]

Atlanta Braves’ Andrelton Simmons Must Be Better At The Plate

Andrelton Simmons

How fun is it to watch Andrelton Simmons play baseball on a day-to-day basis? Easy answer: it’s amazing. However, when he steps up to the plate for the Atlanta Braves, the feeling that fans get can’t be filled with confidence. […]

5 Players the Atlanta Braves Should Move at 2014 Trade Deadline

B.J. Upton

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Tommy La Stella is Still the Best 2B Option for the Atlanta Braves

Tommy La Stella

The Atlanta Braves have had trouble at second base over the course of the season. Dan Uggla obviously didn’t work, but the replacement, Tommy La Stella, started his major league career on an absolute tear. Then he went on a […]

Freddie Freeman Set For MVP Run For Atlanta Braves

Freddie Freeman

There used to be a time for the Atlanta Braves when a man named Chipper Jones roamed the infield and was a contender for an MVP title almost any season he played. Since his retirement, there has been a definite shift […]

Atlanta Braves Don’t Need David Price

David Price

Alright, don’t kill me for it, but I did say it. The Atlanta Braves simply don’t need David Price. Before I get into it, let me get this straight: I’d kill to see Price take the mound every five games […]

Alex Wood’s Return Significant For Atlanta Braves

Alex Wood

There were some baseball “experts” that really thought the Atlanta Braves were messing up terribly when they sent Alex Wood down to AAA just under a month ago. However, when the news started to circulate, people realized that what the […]

Evan Gattis Needs to Work Harder Behind the Plate for Atlanta Braves

Evan Gattis

It’s an amazing feeling that Atlanta Braves fans must get when they see Evan Gattis at the plate. He has just extended his hitting streak to a franchise record of 20, for catchers, and during the streak, he has hit .386 […]

Atlanta Braves Officially in Washington Nationals’ Heads

Freddie Freeman Jason Heyward

If it wasn’t official before, it is now: the Atlanta Braves absolutely own the Washington Nationals head-to-head. To this point, the Braves have only lost one game to their division rivals in their first two series that were played earlier […]

Alex Wood Returning to Atlanta Braves’ Pitching Rotation Is A Positive

Alex Wood

It’s not very often that a player getting sent down to Triple-A is a good thing, but when the Atlanta Braves sent Alex Wood down, everyone should have known he was coming back to Atlanta as a starter. Having to […]

A Break Is Just What Justin Upton Needs From Atlanta Braves

Justin Upton

It’s never good to have one of your most powerful hitters on the bench if your team is struggling to score runs. Yet, for the Atlanta Braves, the dizzy spell that has kept Justin Upton out of his second straight […]

5 Atlanta Braves Who Belong on the 2014 NL All-Star Team

Justin Upton