Toronto Blue Jays Rumors: Could Interest In Jeff Samardzija Be Expanded To Include Starlin Castro?

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If the results of Alex Anthopoulos‘ interest in Josh Johnson last offseason is any indication, that the Toronto Blue Jays are still linked to Chicago Cubs ace Jeff Samardzija could be a sign of bigger things to come. While a […]

Atlanta Braves Rumors: Should There Be A Plan C For Center Field?

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Though the Atlanta Braves are understandably being hopeful about it, their outlook in center field could quickly escalate to a Dan Uggla-level mess. No, one poor year isn’t the end-all indictment for B.J. Upton, but this wasn’t just a down […]

How Valuable Was Ted Lilly In His Time With Toronto Blue Jays?

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It’s probably fair to say that whatever Ted Lilly does next now that his playing days are over, one thing he probably won’t be doing is scoring a coaching job with the Toronto Blue Jays under manager John Gibbons. In […]

Cincinnati Reds Rumors: Ryan Ludwick As Good As Gone?

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The writing isn’t quite on the wall for Ryan Ludwick and the Cincinnati Reds, but … let’s just say that his tenure with the team is far from being on solid ground. It’s no secret that despite rumors of the […]

How Will Rogers’ Massive NHL Deal Affect Toronto Blue Jays’ Future?

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Wait, so Rogers Communication has money in the coffers to dole out a 12-year, $5.2 billion broadcast deal with the NHL, and the Toronto Blue Jays are still limited to “payroll parameters”? That was one prevailing thought within Blue Jays […]

Detroit Tigers Rumors: Is Plan B Required At Third Base For Nick Castellanos?

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It should go without saying that if the Detroit Tigers go into the 2014 season without making another move, Nick Castellanos will have quite the shoes to fill. Well, at least offensively anyway. With Prince Fielder now a member of […]

Toronto Blue Jays Rumors: Is Bartolo Colon The Most Reasonable Starting Pitcher Target Remaining In FA?

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In a world where Jason Vargas‘ mediocrity is worth four years and $32 million, how is a team like the Toronto Blue Jays supposed to get a single front-line pitcher, let alone a couple of arms? It’s a question that […]

Boston Red Sox Shouldn’t Wait Too Much Longer To Make Move On Jarrod Saltalamacchia

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Well, it looks like the market might have spoken for the Boston Red Sox, hasn’t it? There are pros and cons to a team waiting around in free agency for the market to develop, and in the BoSox’ case, the […]

St. Louis Cardinals Rumors: Jhonny Peralta Signing Would Complete Offseason Makeover

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Of course — leave it up to perennial contenders like the St. Louis Cardinals to get their offseason work done early, right? Then again, when an organization is as well-built as the Redbirds are, I suppose you could also say […]

Toronto Blue Jays Rumors: Is J.A. Happ Most Valuable As Trade Bait?

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In what circumstance would a pitching-needy team like the Toronto Blue Jays think about trading one of its established big-league arms? When said arm’s ceiling is a back-of-the-rotation starter, something that the team actually has an abundance of, I suppose. […]

David Freese Doesn’t Solve Los Angeles Angels’ Long-Term Needs At 3B

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Well, the Los Angeles Angels finally found their third baseman. Whether he’s the man at the hot corner for the future, though … Such are the perils of buying low on a 30-year-old late bloomer like David Freese, but given […]

Toronto Blue Jays Rumors: Matt Kemp Talks A Sign Of Bigger Things To Come

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Toronto Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos is still mostly operating under the radar, but he’s thinking pretty big these days. How big? Well, according to Shi Davidi of Sportsnet, potentially Matt Kemp-big. Not that ‘inquiring’ is the same as ‘getting […]