Manager Davey Johnson Hopes Washington Nationals Spring Training Remains Boring

Brad Barr- USA Today Sports

The biggest spring training challenge for Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson is keeping it boring. After coming off of the best season in Washington history, the Nationals have high expectations for 2013. With the Nationals opening day lineup all but […]

Washington Nationals Expect Challenge From Healthy Philadelphia Phillies

Howard Smith- USA Today Sports

The Atlanta Braves may have made the most high profile moves to compete with the Washington Nationals in 2013, but Washington knows that the Philadelphia Phillies are quietly plotting to regain their place atop the NL East as well. The […]

Loyalty, Leadership of Ryan Zimmerman Important To Washington Nationals Success

Anthony Gruppuso- USA Today Sports

He is the only man left who played for the Washington Nationals in their inaugural season of 2005. Though he has been surpassed as the face of the organization by pitcher Stephen Strasburg and outfielder Bryce Harper, third baseman Ryan […]

What Happens If Washington Nationals Bryce Harper Struggles Early?

Brad Mills- USA Today Sports

The Washington Nationals did not let Bryce Harper start 2012 with the parent club as they were afraid the then 19 year old would struggle early and didn’t want him to do it under media scrutiny. After a season in […]

Washington Nationals’ Dan Haren Expected To Return To All-Star Form

Peter Aiken- USA Today Sports

If pitcher Dan Haren can return to his all-star form of four years ago, the Washington Nationals starting rotation will be solid from top to bottom. The Nationals think that he will. Washington will be asking a lot from a […]

Mike Rizzo and Davey Johnson Are Top Executive Tandem In MLB

Efvan Habeeb- USA Today Sports

The Washington Nationals have one of the best general manager/manager combinations in MLB with Mike Rizzo and Davey Johnson. They have taken a franchise that was literally an expansion team just nine year ago and turned it into a legitimate […]

Stephen Strasburg, Kris Medlen Linked Forever

Beck Diefenbach- USA Today Sports

Their arms gave out on them at roughly the same time and because of that, pitchers Stephen Strasburg of the Washington Nationals and Kris Medlen of the Atlanta Braves will be linked forever. Both Strasburg and Medlen underwent Tommy John […]

Washington Nationals Face Rival Atlanta Braves

Brad Barr- USA Today Sports

The Washington Nationals will travel to Kissimmee, FL Tuesday to get their first look at their closest NL East rivals the Atlanta Braves. The game will be played at Champions Park which is appropriate, because both teams have aspirations of […]

Are Washington Nationals OverConfident?

Brad Barr- USA Today Sports

People are saying that the 2013 Washington Nationals are overconfident. After coming off of the best season in franchise history since making D.C. their home in 2005, the Nationals are said to be cocky. Experts believe that Washington should wait […]

Bad Back Hampers Washington Nationals Pitcher Drew Storen

Jeff Curry- USA Today Sports

The Washington Nationals will be keeping an eye on relief pitcher Drew Storen not because of the right elbow injury that he suffered last spring training, but a back injury which hampered him at the end of 2012. Although it […]

Manager Bo Porter Goes From Washington Nationals Penthouse to Houston Astros Outhouse

Don McPeak- UAS Today Sports

Former Washington Nationals third base coach Bo Porter has gone from the penthouse to the outhouse. After being on a team that won 98 games and a National League East pennant last season, Porter took a job as manager of […]

10 Washington Nationals Comebacks From Injury To Watch